2020 Fall UA Elite 50 Showcase - Top Performers


On Friday, October 2, Connecticut Elite hosted its 17th annual Fall Elite 50 Showcase with players from Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts in attendance. A dozen college coaches were in attendance from D2 and D3 programs on this night.

From top to bottom the Showcase was loaded with many other players that played well and have a lot of positive upside.  The college coaches were very pleased with how organized the event was and how smooth it ran.  The next Showcase for the graduation classes of 2021 and 2022 will be in mid-late March 2021.  Updates and info re those and other Connecticut Elite programs can be found at website www.connecticutelitebasketball.com and Instagram @ct_elitebasketball.

Here are the top performers from Friday night:

Class of 2021


Ehmil Johnson Jr. (2021) - Johnson is a flat-out scorer and a guard who is starting to reap the benefits of his hard work. Johnson is a late bloomer but D3 schools are taking notice. His ability to get to the basket and knock down shots off the dribble from beyond the arc made him a threat all night.

Kualim Johnson (2021) Marianapolis Prep (CT) - Johnson continues to improve from the last time we saw him. Johnson at 6’5 is a tough cover due to his explosive first step and athletic ability. Johnson was able to get to the basket at will for tough finishes around the hoop, get out in the open floor for dunks and knock down jump shots. Johnson has a good-looking stroke that will take him to the next level when it becomes more consistent. D2’s and academic D3’s were very impressed with his play all evening.


Dylan Matchett (2021) - Matchett caught the eye of many this evening with his ability to make plays in the open floor, get to the basket and finish through contact. He surprised many with his sneaky athleticism on a transition dunk.  Matchett boasts a college ready body and all the necessary tools to be a successful basketball player at the DIII level.


Will Barton (2021) - Barton is a skilled 3 man at 6’7 with a lot of potential. Barton is still growing into his new acquired frame. He uses his size to create easy opportunities for himself 15 ft and in. Barton also stretches the defense with his ability to knock down the 3. Barton was seen a few times pushing the transition break and creating for his teammates. Academic D3s are very interested in this young man. 


Anthony Fry (2021) Stonington High (CT) - Fry is a tough point guard. He makes the extra pass and runs his team very well. He was a leader on the floor during the showcase. He was very quick with the ball, and penetrated enough to collapse the defense, then found the open man. Fry did not shy away from contact and defended the entire showcase.

Jaidan Gilzene (2021) - Gilzene brought a lot of great energy to the floor for his teammates as he ran the floor all evening and finished with some big-time dunks down the lane. Gilzene can handle the ball and be a play maker (he was always on “go”). He rebounded well at the rim and has a great second jump. He finished through contact all showcase. Very big upside.


Rob Sanders (2021) - Sanders is a very versatile basketball player that can pass, shoot, and dribble at a high level. He played through contact at the rim and rebounded in traffic throughout showcase. Has College level 3-point range. Very high IQ. Known for his big dunk over a defender this evening.


Corey Walters (2021) - Walters loved getting to his mid-range jump shot and finishing around the basket with his athleticism. Walters used his body to make a bunch of tough finishes around the rim.


Roderick Smith (2021) - Smith has a great feel around the rim and uses his body to get to where he wants on the floor, rebounds the ball at a high level, and knows how to pass out of the post.


Jalen Gordon (2021) - Gordon does not need the ball to be effect, as his teammates were able to find him all night because he put himself in the right spots on the floor. Gordon finishes around the rim and plays through contact. Gordon plays under control and was able to hit open 3’s.


Dion Perkins (2021) - Perkins was probably the smoothest and the most explosive guard in the gym with a killer first step. Perkins got by defenders and finished through contact all evening.


Tom Lorenzetti (2021) - Lorenzetti knocked down several threes in each game this evening. He has a nice size build and made a couple of strong drives to the basket finishing at the rim.


Zion Lott (2021) - Lott is a southpaw player maker.  Lott was very aggressive in the open floor and even more so in the half court as he was breaking defenders down time and time again, then knocking down that great mid-range jump shot he has.


Rob Iweka (2021) - Iweka is a lefty guard who likes to drive to the basket, draw contact and make tough finishes around the hoop. He is sneaky, athletic, and understands how to use his body to his advantage to create easy scoring opportunities.

Xavier Riullano (2021) - Riullano is a big guard at 6’4 with the body and skill set to be very effective at the next level. Riullano went from running the show, to putting the ball in the basket and defending multiple positions due to his size. Talk about a guard who can do it all.


Jaden Palmer (2021) - Palmer attacked the basket well this evening and was very crafty around the rim. He kept the defense guessing with his was ability to knock down the 15ft shot and open 3s.


Benjamin Merrit (2021) - Knock down three-point shooter.  Showed when he gets hot, he can knock down 4 or more three pointers in a row.  He did a good job shooting off the dribble from three-point range.  When he gets in the lane he has the ability to find open teammates.


Class of 2022


Taeshaun Sanchez (2022) - Sanchez is every basketball players’ worst nightmare. He is a Pitbull on the defensive end and hard to guard on offense due to his speed. Sanchez was able to get to the basket, hit shots from made range and from 3. He was for sure one of the best PGs at this event.


J’Zhaun Davis (2022) - very good floor general, very Coachable player with a great understanding of how to run a team. He can beat his defender off the dribble and can catch and shoot. He pushed the pace and attacked the paint at a high rate. Defense had a very hard time containing him all showcase.


Jayquan Kirkland (2022) - Kirkland is a big guard who coaches believe can do more on the floor as he is able to handle the basketball and make plays because of his athletic ability.


Micah Hall (2022) - Hall is a guard who is very crafty. Hall loves to break defenders down and get to the basket. Hall was able to hit the open 3 as well. If he is not scoring, then he is making a great pass to one of his teammates.


Rhodia Perry (2022) - Perry got out into the open floor all evening and attacked the basket in transition for lay-ups. If he was not doing this, then his teammates were finding him on the perimeter for open 3’s.


Andrew Soltis (2022) - Soltis is a forward with good size. Soltis was able to stretch the floor and make the 3 on a consistent basis. 


Sean Clemons (2022) - Clemons is a heady point guard who makes the right play. Clemons can knock down the open shot and was seen attacking the basket all evening. He was tenacious defending on ball giving the PG’s trouble.


Sean O’Connell (2022) Waterford High (CT) - O’Connell has great hands and scores well around the basket with a variety of moves. At 6’4 O’Connell surprised some with his athleticism and his ability to step out and knock down 3’s. He was able to drive to the basket and finish through contact.

Sebastian Hurlbut (2022) - Hurlbut got after it on both ends of the floor. Hurlbut is an undersized player, but physical guard who likes to attack the basket. Hurlbut made the right plays and set his teammates up all evening.

Mike Olivencia Jr. (2022) - Olivencia was aggressive on the offensive end throughout the event and created a ton of scoring opportunities for himself. Olivencia proved he could compete and put the ball in the basket.


Carter Janki (2022) - Janki is a man amongst boys due to his great body build at 6’5 215 lbs. Janki used his strength to finish around the rim and chase down rebounds all evening.


Tyrell Staples-Santos (2022) - Staples- Santos is PG who controls the tempo of the game. He was able to attack and find his teammates in transition and in the half court. Staples-Santos was able to knock down 3’s and get to his mid-range shot off high ball screens.


Eli Evison (2022) Portland High (CT) - Athletic 6’5 big with good hands that showed he was able to finish through contact.  Had a variety of finishes around the basket.  Showed the ability to attack the basket off the dribble from the perimeter.


Andy Kote (2022) - Big guard who showed the ability to play the lead guard position.  He has a knack for knocking down open jump shots.  Good ball handling skills and finishes at the rim through contact.

Omarion Miller (2022) - Hustle player.  Plays extremely hard, a terror on defense for offensive players.  He is a transition player who can finish with both hands around the basketball.  Good offensive rebounder for his size with athleticism.