All-America Valley Basketball Club - College Prospects

The All-America Valley Basketball Club (AAVBC), founded in 2018, is an AAU club whose purpose is to foster stage-appropriate player skill development and a positive experience for young athletes. The club was founded by Steven Wolfe on the premise of service and hard work while promoting fun through the sport of basketball.  The great majority of the players principally come from the towns which make up the extended Lower Naugatuck Valley Region.


The college prospects currently in the program include the following:

James Cook IV  (2021) 6’0 guard, Kolbe Cathdral High - Smooth lefty guard; good shooting range; strong finisher and attacker; good defender as well, aggressive on defense. A hustler on both ends of the floor.


John Maitland (2021) 6’0 guard, 6’0, Ansonia High - Mid-range and 3-point shooter, rebounder; knows where to move in spots; great decision maker. Solid defender.

Roderick Smith, Jr (2021) 6’1 guard, West Haven High – Great rebounder, defender, decent mid-range shooter; likes to play inside, drive strong to the rim. Great feel around the rim and uses his size to appropriately box out opponents. Knows how to pass out of the post; knows how to position himself on the floor.


Isaiah Sullivan (2021) 6’6 forward, Bassick High – Athletic and solid all-around game; can play inside out/outside in as needed; consistent high percentage 3-point shooter; excellent shot blocker/defender. Uses height/length to his advantage for scoring opportunities. Moves well in transition. Good help side defender as well.


Daniel Wellington (2021) 5’7 guard, Kolbe Cathedral High - – Quick aggressive point guard. Can move the ball quickly in rotation. Excellent 3-point shooter but will drive as needed. Not afraid to face up against bigger opposing guards.


John Harris (2022) 5’11 guard, Derby High - Solid shooting guard with great leaping ability. Excellent defender and shot blocker for his undersized frame. Operates best off the ball and creates for himself. Plays hardnosed on the ball defense.

Darell McKnight (2022) 5’11 point guard, Ansonia High - Point guard and scorer; can take scoring load on his shoulders when necessary but is more of a facilitator. Quick hands on defense; one of the top steals’ leaders on his team.


Armari Pharr (2022) 5’10 guard, Derby High - Decent defender, primarily a passer and rebounder; can score but mostly facilitates plays.

Taeshaun Sanchez (2022) 5’10, guard Derby High - Speedy playmaker who likes to drive; solid floating shot makes him tough to defend; good court vision; quick first step; shoots well from mid-range and 3. On defense, he’s a gritty defender and plays hard on the ball, making it tough for opposing point guards to set up plays and/or score.


Henry Smith, Jr (2022) 6’0 guard, Derby High – Sharpshooter inside and out; can make plays as needed; good leaping ability; excellent and aggressive defender. Not afraid to get physical and frequently defends opponent’s best player, relentless defender.

Keyvon Ward (2022) 6’0 guard, Hillhouse High – Quick first step; solid wing defender; can create own shots. Fighter on rebounds/defense. Moves well in transition.


Akellie Clarke (2023) 6’0 point guard, Platt Tech High - Agile point guard, excellent court vision, good floor general; key facilitator on the offense, but also a scorer and takes on a greater share of scoring responsibility in late games. Can shoot well from outside. Good defender and harasses opposing guards, a pickpocket on defense.


Nathan Okwaning (2023) 5’11 guard, Cheshire Academy - Combo guard with quick speed and hands.  Good on-ball defender. Most often plays opposite lead ball handler. Attacker to the rim.

Rashad Thompson (2023)  5’11 guard, Derby High School – Lefty guard; good on-ball defender; excellent at slashing/cutting to the basket to make plays/create extra shots.

Jadon Wolfe (2023) 6’0 guard, Cheshire Academy – Combo guard with good facilitation/ball handling skills. Solid on-ball and help side defender, able to defend all 5 positions; mid-range shooter but can also drive to the basket; aims to make the right play on the court.


Luis McClain, Jr (2024) 5’7 point guard, Bullard-Haven Technical High (CT) -  Lefty point guard; likes to drive to the basket. Crafty and quick hands.