RTB Livestream Participants - Session 1

Session 1 Friday November 13 7-9pm
        at George Washington Carver Center
                    7 Academy Street, Norwalk, CT

Livestream link for Session 1



Jersey #1 Elijah Parent(2021) 6’0 point guard, Bristol Eastern High School, AAU: CT Passion (Edwards) – Parent’s academics will draw the great schools that can only admit his level of student. He is a crafty, true point guard that can score at all three levels. A high percentage shooter (46% from 3 as a junior) that also has the ball on a string. Parent’s biggest assets are his high basketball IQ and ability to run a team, but can score in bunches. His hesitations and ability to put defenders on their heels is hard to guard. He holds an instinctive feel for the game and is a coach on the floor. 3.9 gpa.   


Jersey #2 Max Mitchell (2021) 6’5 wing, Bridgeport Prep (CT), AAU Team: New Haven Heat - Mitchell is a well-rounded player who can score in a variety of ways. He moves well without the ball, has a good handle and a smooth jump shot with a high and smooth release. He is a tough defender and strong rebounder on both ends. He is a high IQ leader on the court. Prep Hoops New England Top Player Ranking. 


Jersey #3 Thai Sapenter (2022) 6’3 guard, Immaculate High (CT), AAU Team: CSA Velocity (Acevedo) - Sapenter is a combo guard who is comfortable on the block or the wing as he posses a unique combination of extreme athleticism (36 inch standing vertical at 16 years old) and strong ball handling skills that allow him to play 1-4 in high school. On the defensive end he is a tenacious defender that can guard baseline to baseline against both guards and bigs. Sapenter likes to attack the basket by driving strongly to the rim and can finish with either hand. He can knockdown the 3 ball as well. 4.5 gpa. 


Jersey #4 Hudson Geremia (2023) 6’4 wing, Daniel Hand High (CT) AAU Team: Gibson Way – Although only a sophomore, Geremia already has the accuracy and high release of a college level shooter. He also uses his superior guard length to see the court and out-rebound his position. He has a good handle for a lengthy sophomore. 3.3 gpa. 

Jersey #5 Daniel Becil (2022) 6’3 guard, Worcester Academy (MA), AAU Team: NY Jayhawks – Becil’s pedigree is top flight, spending his winters competing in one of the nation’s toughest conferences, NEPSAC AA for powerhouse and DI feeder program, Worcester Academy and spending his AAU seasons with the highly regarded NY Jayhawks. Becil is an overall good scorer and can get his shot off from both catch and shoot or creating it himself. He can get to the basket or set up an offense. He is vocal on defense and offense. 3.7 gpa.


Jersey #6 Kyle Lombardi (2021) 6’5 wing, Holy Cross High (CT), AAU Team: CT Passion (Edwards) - Lombardi is able to get out in transition and hit threes when on the break. He is also good with half court offense and making guys on his team better. He feels that the strongest part about his game is that he is able to make everyone around me better, he plays for the team and not for himself. 3.1 gpa.


Jersey #9 Tyler Callahan (2022) 6’3 wing, Hamden Hall Country Day (CT), AAU Team: Project Triple Threat - Callahan can run the floor well, push the break in transition and finish well in contact. He has a good shot from outside and put the ball on the floor to create, including the ability to score on all 3 levels. Callahan likes to attack the rim and draw contact. He rebounds the ball very well and dives on the floor for loose balls.

Jersey #11 Ceasar Familia (2022) 5’8 guard, Harry S Truman High, AAU Team: Mavs (Taylor) - Familia is an all around player. He works hard and smart on both ends of the court. He can score in a variety of ways. 3.2 gpa.


Jersey #12 David Ellington (2022) 5’11 point guard, All Hallows High, AAU Team: Bronx Storm (Solis) - Ellington is the type of player that understands that the game isn’t just about putting the ball in the basket. It’s also about making sure your team is involved. He is a coachable player who listen to what has to be done and does it. He is not lazy. He will work on what he struggles with and won’t stop until the task is done. He is extremely passionate for the game of basketball. Hhe bleeds and sweats for this game.


Jersey #13 Colin Vigeant (2023) 6’0 guard, Fairfield Warde, AAU Team: DTX (Taylor) - Vigeant is an excellent 3 point shooter with a quick release. He has a great feel for the game that is evident in his shot selection and his moving the ball quickly to open teammates. He is very good defender and passer for his size.  Only a sophomore, working toward a bright future. 4.1 gpa.


Jersey #22 Mehki Cherry (2023) 6’1 shooting guard , Norwalk Highschool, AAU Team: Westport Allstars (Fay). Cherry can score on all 3 levels. He has good ball handling skills unique athleticism can crash the boards with big men. Good defender has a high percentage in blocks. Cherry has a work ethic that can’t be matched. 2.9 gpa.


Jersey #23 Jayden Mills (2022) 6’5 small forward, Monsignor Scanlon High, AAU Team: CSA Elite – Mills is a great rebounder, defender and team player. He runs the floor, can score at all three levels and can get his teammates open for good looks. His length, wingspan and ability to move allows him to contest shots and get stops on the defensive end. He is constantly talking while on defense and brings energy and good possessions on the offensive end. 3.5gpa.  3m


Jersey #24 James Tourin (2021) 6’1 guard, Babylon High, AAU Team: Lights Out (Gilmore) – Tourin’s handling, quickness and court vision are what makes him a true point guard.  Also, he is crafty and not afraid to try new moves and finishes in the lane.  He likes to use his IQ to my advantage by communicating with my teammates and helping them to be successful. He plays with a lot of heart and energy and am willing to work hard to continue to get better and be successful. 4.0 gpa.  m3


Jersey #25 Danny Cruz (2023) 5’11 swing, Cardinal Spellman, AAU Team: CSA - Cruz has a solid all-around game. He can attack the basket by driving strongly to the rim. He is an all-around good shooter from all areas on the court. He is able to make the right plays - from kicking out the ball out to an open man or creating a shot for himself. He is a good defender and not afraid to guard anyone on the court. He is determined, mentally tough and capable of making his teammates better. 3m


Jersey #26 Tommy Lorenzetti (2021) 6’0 guard, St Paul’s Catholic High (CT), AAU Team: CT Passion (Vasquez). Lorenzetti knows how to create space and knock down shots, and can breakdown defenses off of the bounce. He always seems to make the right basketball play (like the ‘hockey assist’ or ‘one more’). He leads and controls the game with a high basketball IQ. He also plays hard-nosed defense and takes on the tough defensive assignments. He has experience against tough competition and plays with tenacity, confidence and calm against the better teams. 3.5 gpa.  3m


Jersey #27 Khalil Walker (2022) 5’11 guard, Pharos Academy, AAU Team: CSA Elite – Walker can play both on-the-ball or from the wing. He is a solid defender. He can shoot both the mid-range and the 3 point shot. He knows how to create plays and hit his teammates.  He knows when to attack the basket and can finish with either hand.


Jersey #32 Miguel Garcia (2022) 6’1 guard, Walton Campus, AAU Team: CSA Elite - Garcia is a crafty guard who finishes through contact. He has a strong mid-range shot. He has great vision and is vocal on defense. 3.2 gpa.


Jersey #33 Amere Morris (2022) 5’8 guard, Morris Educational Campus, AAU Team: CSA Elite - Morris is an aggressive guard who looks for a pass then a cut to the basketball. He can finish very well at the rim on all defenders. He will play defense and push up on the ball for a steal and a fast-break bucket. He creates space for his teammates or for a mid-range pull up.


Jersey #34 Kamerin Quintero (2022) 5’11 point guard, St Raymond’s High, AAU Team: CSA Elite (Figueroa) - Quintero’s strength is his able to handle the ball very well and take on pressure with ease.  Because of that, he doesn’t turn the ball over. He also has the ability to make the people around him better. He adjusts well to different defensive styles and to the different players on the court. Lastly, he is also able to score for himself, in addition to averaging more than seven assists per game. 


Jersey #35 Tavares Tuck (2022) 5’11 point guard, Amistad High (CT), AAU Team: Hoop Haven (Nash) - Tuck is elusive and creative with the ball. He is a good drive-n-dish playmaker for his teammates, and can run an offense with high IQ. He shoots at a high perecentage, including contested mid-range and 3 point range shots. He also gets after it on the defensive end.


Jersey #36 Christopher CJ Fay 5’8 guard, Notre Dame-Fairfield (CT), AAU Team:  Westport Allstars - Fay is an all around threat on offense, a sharpshooter from all areas on the floor. He has great court vision and great ball control skills. Fay is a good on-ball defender who picks pockets and rebounds very well for his position.