CT Passion College Prospects


The CT Passion is a competitive AAU program based out of Bristol, CT. It was created by Brendan Phelps (who is now an Assistant Coach at Division 2 Post University)  in 2007. In 2018, Dean Edwards became the owner and club director. Julio Vazquez (St. Paul Catholic - Bristol CT Associate Head Coach) has been the club’s 17U head coach and was recently named Co-Director.


Kyle Lombardi (2021) 6’4 wing, Holy Cross High School (Waterbury CT) - Lombardi joined the CT Passion before his junior year at Holy Cross and made an immediate impact on their oldest group. He brings a unique versatility to the game with his ability to not only score but create for others. With sometimes unorthodox and unpredictable mechanics, Lombardi gets to his spots and makes next level plays. His 6’4 lanky frame gives him a huge advantage on the perimeter, and he is not afraid to operate in the post if a smaller defender is switched on to him. Lombardi is being recruited by several D3 programs such as Nichols and Springfield.


Ian Calabrese (2021) 6’0 guard, Simsbury High (CT) - Calabrese’s stock has dramatically risen after completing his junior year at Simsbury. Prior to that year, Calabrese was labeled as just a “shooter” with the 17U squad. However, his work in the off-season has visibly paid off. He is now able to put it on the deck, play in the pick-n-roll and is a quality defender in the halfcourt. His mature body and growing confidence makes him a steal for any D3 program. Calabrese is currently being recruited by WPI, St. Joes College of Maine, Connecticut College and Clark University.


Matt Rivera (2021) 6’0 guard, Classical Magnet High (CT) - Rivera is another intriguing prospect that has been a part of the club for the last two seasons. Already gifted with a college-ready body, Rivera has a knack for making shots. He has the long ball, mid-range, inverted layups, and tough finishes off of two feet through contact.  It does not matter, the kid can score it. He is not a point guard by nature, but has a tight handle that gets him where he wants to go. Rivera is a tough kid who loves to compete and has been a great teammate for the passion. He is a D3 prospect who is getting some interest from the likes of WPI.

Elijah Parent (2021) 6’0 point guard, Bristol Eastern High (CT) - Parent has been with the CT Passion since his freshman season at Bristol Eastern and each year his game has elevated. With his high IQ, Parent is easily the program’s best playmaker. Having “The ball on the string” is an understatement with this kid, especially in transition. Even though his preference is to play in the pick-n-roll to make plays, Parent has the ability to break down defenses off the bounce and get paint touches. He is a very underrated long distance shooter especially if the ball is swung to him on the “one more”. His “even keel” personality makes him more than ready to play the point at the next level. Emerson, Emmanuel, Coast Guard Academy and Rivier are all programs interested in this prospect.


Tommy Lorenzetti (2021) 6’0 guard, St. Paul Catholic High (CT) -  Lorenzetti is another one of those vets on the CT Passion roster. A rising senior who has been committed to the process of becoming a college level athlete since his freshman year of high school. His crisp ball handling ability is his strongest asset as it allows him to beat guys off the dribble and rise into his pull up jump shot. He is a very good shooter who has the confidence to take and make tough shots. Lorenetti has a good feel for the game and is also a blue collar kid who doesnt mind getting his hands dirty on the defensive end.  The best thing about him is that he is a gym rat who is always trying to add pieces to his game. His next step will be mastering the pick and roll. Lorenzetti is gaining some interest from local D3 schools but intends on getting more exposure as his senior year begins.

Loudon Chupas (2022) 6’2 wing, Hale Ray High (CT) -  Chupas is a new face to the program but a face the coaching staff enjoys working with on a daily basis. Chupas is only entering his junior year, but already looks like he can play at the next level. He is a hard nosed lefty who just loves to play and compete. He has a solid game in the mid range and a mixture of finishes around the rim. Chupas improving 3 point shooter who will only get better with more reps in an empty gym. The Passion looks forward to having him for another year and hopes he gets the exposure he deserves.

Chad Rizzo (2023) 5’11 guard, Farmington High (CT) - The youngest of the Passion’s prospects, Rizzo will be a name to remember in a few years. He is a “lunch pail” athlete who prides himself on doing things the right way. Rizzo has a quick first step and sweet touch on his jumper. He is a precise decision maker but not a flashy kid. He just gets it done.