2020 RTB Livestream Top Performers - Session 3


On Saturday, November 14, RecruitTheBronx.com hosted Session 2 of their High School Preseason Livestream showcase. The replay of the Livestream video of approximately 75 minutes of game play and the three point shooting can be found here.




Yave Cruz (2021) 6’3 wing, Palisades Prep High, AAU Team: Purple Reign Warriors. Cruz is a strong and athletic guard. He has the ability to shoot the ball from deep, and is skillful in attacking the rim with strength and effectiveness. When challenged, he can rebound and defend well at his position.


Brandon Martinez (2021) 5’9 guard, Lehman Campus, AAU Team: Purple Reign Warriors -  Martinez has a very high IQ and plays both ends of the court.  He always sees the open man and is aggressive on both ends. He shot the long ball well enough to make it into the 3 point contest finals. Martinez is a true unselfish point guard that is a great team player and communicator.




Antwan Alexander (2022) 6’1 guard, Monsignor Scanlan High, AAU Team: Team NYC - Alexander has physical strength and athletism. He is patient on the court and can hit the three shot. He is an excellent rebounder and he is aggressive on defense. If he makes the investment in his skill development reps, his upsize is unlimited.


Jeremey Everlith (2022) 6’7 power forward, Masuk High (CT), AAU Team: DTX _ Everlith finishes around the rim and is always alert to where the ball is at at all times.  He has runs the floor very well for his size and throws his size and effort into to being a defensive force. Everlith plays well in the low post and has a soft touch around the rim. He can also hit jump shots and is fast for his size. He sets good screens and creates shot opportunities for his teammates. Everlith is very vocal while on the floor, which is exactly what a team wants from its primary rim defender, directing traffic from his natural overview vantage point.




Darryl Taylor (2024) 6’1 guard, St Mary’s High, AAY Team: Team NYC - Taylor plays hard on the defensive end of the court and always finds himself around the ball, enabling him to create turnovers. He shot the long ball well enough to make it into the 3 point contest finals. Taylor is always looking to make the right play and sees to it that everyone is involved. He is a good rebounder.