2020 RTB Livestream Top Performers - Session 4


On Sunday, November 15, RecruitTheBronx.com hosted Session 4 of their High School Preseason Livestream showcase. The replay of the Livestream video of approximately 75 minutes of game play and the three point shooting can be found here.




Sajan Porter (2022) 6’1 guard, King School (CT) – A sophomore summer growth spurt has given a literal boost to Porter’s rise as a next level prospect. He now has the length to make his agility and understanding of the game to be more impactful. His ball pressure now has the length to frustrate and force bad decisions. His most mesmerizing talent was his off-the ball movement and the related well timed cuts into the scoring gaps. He still has that smaller version of his self’s ability to wrap that dribble to where ever he needs it while moving at high speed. He has the speed, motor and finishing skills to rack up points in transition. In short, he now has enough to be a high school star. His ability to break through as a sought-after college player will revolve around adding the deep ball scoring threat. We saw a glimmer of that in this session. If he makes that shot rep investment, his school playing career will extend into college.



Nasir Pettigrew 6’0 guard, King School (CT) – For most of the game play, Pettigrew seemed intent on setting the All Time showcase assist record. He was relentless in the drive-n-dish playmaking mode. He is a lefty, but is honest in his ability to attack to either side. He supplemented his strong and low change of direction drives with just enough jump-stop and change-of-speed variety to be a relentless problem. The help defense was forced to step in on his threatening drives, and Pettigrew loved feeding the open teammate from there. We thought he was impressive, but singular in his game approach. That changed in the late going, “winning time”. With the ball defenders backing off to survive his deadly basket-drive attack, Pettigrew rose up and drained two dagger threes to seal the win.  As Pettigrew moves up the basketball totem pole, his ability to supplement his basket-drive game with a consistent deep ball threat will likely define whether he pays for college, or not.


Dylan Viellette (2024) 6’5 forward, Ridgefield High (CT), AAU Team: High Rise Elite – Viettette does not look like a freshman. He looks more like he was designed by a Mack Truck design engineer. If he’s not done growing, he will be heavily sought after in about two years.  Despite his size, he moved well and played with energy. There was no one in this session would could stay in front of his face-up game, nor keep him off the offensive boards.  He, however, seemed surprisingly under-coached on his ability to hold a low post seal.  Once a varsity coach adds that to his game, we can only imagine the damage and stress he will put on a defense. His game also included that airport tower vision to see the floor and do a nice job of the feeding cutters around him. It also including a scoring big man’s key tool, the ability to drain the free throws that he forced the opponent to give him.