2020-21 Notre Dame Prep Basketball College Prospects


Notre Dame High- West Haven (CT) Post Grad basketball program looks to make it another strong season after beginning their program officially last year. Year 1 included placing all 12 students in college and 10 of those players playing college basketball at 4 year schools. They will look to make it another successful season in 2020-2021. Head coach Nick Defeo once again has pulled in some of the top talent that graduated from CIAC programs and is giving them that critical extra year of deveolpment and exposure. Below is the 2020-21 line-up:

#0 Moustapha Biao - 6’4” Forward, 2021 (New Haven, CT) - Moustapha is a long forward who holds a 6’9” wingspan. He uses his wingspan to be effective defensively on the perimeter and in the paint while rebounding well for his size. Offensively, his game ranges out to the three point line and is becoming a consistent shooter.


#1 Justin Davis - 5’10” Point Guard, 2021 (Waterbury, CT) - Justin Davis is a scholarship point guard who holds all of the intangibles a college player needs. He has a tight handle and makes great decisions upon penetration to the paint. He will score from all three levels while shooting at a high percentage. His early performance for ND Prep included 43 points on 9 three pointers.


#30 Jonathan Edwards - 6’3” Point Guard, 2021 (Waterbury, CT) - Jon Jon Edwards is a powerful point guard with great size for his position. He scores in the paint over his defender with a 6’5” wingspan and is lethal in the open floor. Although he is explosive and gets well above the rim, his best asset may be his vision and ability to get others involved within the halfcourt.


#5 Tim Greene - 6’1” Shooting Guard, 2021 (Harlem, NY) - Tim Greene is another explosive guard in ND’s backcourt and uses his athleticism to his advantage. A powerful two-foot jumper, he shows off his bounce well in the open floor. Tim is becoming a knockdown shooter from three and also has a tremendous pull-up jumper. Tenacious defender who can guard for the full 30 seconds.


#11 Kyle Harrell - 6’4” Wing, 2021 (Bridgeport, CT) - Underrated in high school, Kyle came to ND with things to prove. Chiseled body and strong, Kyle attacks the rim well while playing off two feet. Best on defense and slashing offensively. Working hard to improve three point shot. Beast in the weight room!


#12 Kris Laing - 6’3” Wing, 2021 (Shelton, CT) - Another scholarship player in ND’s backcourt. Powerful lefty guard who has a college ready body. Underrated handle for his position and can take his defender to the rim from the perimeter. Multidimensional on the perimeter and a knockdown three point shooter. Leave him any space and he will show off his sneaky athleticism!


#3 Lawrence Lazaro - 6’3” Shooting Guard, 2021 (Waterbury, CT) - Extremely underrated prospect who boasts a 3.6 GPA. 6’7” wingspan and is a complete lock down defender for the full 94 feet. Good handle and learning how to play at a college pace offensively. Knockdown three point shooter who won’t be underrated for much longer.


#4 Evan Scott-Alexander - 6’ Point Guard, 2021 (New Haven, CT) - Extremely tough point guard who will bully opposing defenders. At his best on defense causing havoc and non stop communication with teammates. Learning how to play the point in a college system and will knockdown shots from the outside. Can sneak into a scholarship level and be ready to lead immediately.


#2 Shea Sheffield - 6’ Shooting Guard, 2021 (West Haven, CT) - Quite possibly the best shooter in any gym he walks into. Can make shots off the dribble and with little space. Let him get hot and you’ll be in for a long night. Improving on the defensive end daily.