Level Up LI College Prospects


Level Up LI is one of the fastest growing youth AAU basketball programs in the Tri-state area. They offer competitive teams, and training for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels. The program is headed by Jesse Winter, President, Nikko Callender, Grass Roots Director, Trevor Stark, Boys Director and Evan Conti, Player Development Director. They lead a group of coaches and trainers who have all excelled at the college and/or professional basketball level. Their mission is to create the top travel basketball teams focusing heavily on individual and team development for their players both on and off the basketball court. They are based in Long Island.


Here is a few of the Level Up LI high school players that are projected to be future college players:


Jazan Johnson is a 6’1 long unsigned senior from Cardozo High School in Queens. His athleticism and ability to finish at the rim continues to turn heads. He is a terror to guard in transition as he has a tight handle, is lightning quick and explosive changing speed and direction. Jazan also takes pride in his defense and is great at pressuring the ball and causing turnovers.


Phil La Rosa is a long 5’11 unsigned senior from North Shore High School in Long Island. He is a deadly outside shooter that can get hot in a hurry. He is a gritty and tough-nosed player that does not back down from anyone. He uses his strength and athleticism to finish through contact at the basket. He is a great on-ball defender and lets his game do the talking.


Jaden Daughtry is a 6’4 junior from St. Francis Prep High School in Queens. He is a coach’s dream in the position-less basketball era. He can not only hold his own down-low but can keep guards contained on the perimeter. He uses his lanky athletic build to contest shots and start the break in transition. He is a high flyer that attacks the basket with force and can knock down the 3 ball with consistency. Jaden has a high ceiling as he continues to grow into his body and reach his full potential.

Jaylin Simmons is a 5’11 junior from Cardozo High School in Queens. Jaylin is a point guard that is a flat out playmaker for him and his teammates. He is difficult match up for anyone 1 on 1 and he has his ability to create his shot on his own. He has a deadly mid-range pull up and can make 3s from way behind the high school line. Being able to execute the pick and roll at a high level is what separates him from the pack. He plays the game at a great pace and is rarely out-of-control. Jaylin’s sneaky athletic ability and strong handle helps him get to the paint and finish over taller defenders.

Andrew Laing is a 6’2 senior from Cardozo High School in Queens. “Drew” can light it up from deep 3 point range and can get hot in a hurry. He attacks the rim with force and bullies his way to get to his spots on the floor. He has a college body and knows how to use it to his advantage. He is an underrated passer that can make plays in transition and get the pass through tight windows of the defense.


Ryver Johnson is a 6’0 junior from Francis Lewis High School in Queens. Ryver is a great on ball defender and can really help contain the opposing teams’ best player. He can set the tone for the team with his defensive energy and effort. Ryver can attack the basket from all angles and finish with both hands. He’s a streaky shooter than can get hot in an instant. He has a mid-range pull up that keeps defenders on their toes.

Alex Wiggington is a 6’3 sophomore from Wheatley High School. Alex is a knockdown shooter that has range beyond the high school line. He uses his strong build to attack the basket and is a crafty finisher with both hands. He is a solid rebounder and can match up with guards and bigs at his position. He is extremely coachable and is a team first player.


Manu Alford is a 6’3 junior from Holy Trinity High School. Manu can match up with every position and is physical on both ends. He has a consistent pull-up jump shot but the best part of his game is how he attacks the rim. He uses his length and craftiness to finish through contact in tough angles. He has a killer instinct and let’s his game do the talking as he does not stand down from anyone.

Rich Lampasona is a 6’5 junior from Lynbrook High School. Rich is an athletic, long forward that is agile and moves well. He likes to run the floor in transition where he has a good touch around the basket. He is a knockdown mid-range shooter that can extend his range to 3. Defensively, he can guard just about every position and is a good rebounder and shot blocker.


Jake Cohen is a 5’7 freshman at St. Anthony’s High School in Long Island. He is a scoring point guard that constantly puts pressure on the defense with his speed and penetration ability. He plays with great tempo and is a floor general on the court. His jump shot is consistent and will make players pay if they lay off.

Vasillis Triantafyllou is a 6’3 freshman at North Shore High School in Long Island. He is a very agile big man who uses his size and smarts and craft to be a versatile player. He can get you a basket in the post with his soft touch and continues to improve his guard skills on the perimeter. He uses his wingspan and athleticism to disrupt opposing teams from getting good looks around the basket