2023 Bingos All Stars Player Profiles


Maxwell “Bingo” Cole is a legend in NYC coaching. He never played the game himself in school, but started coaching at the age of 18. While coaching for Riverside Church AAU back in the day, he mentored NYC greats such as Ron Artest, Elton Brand and Eric Barkley. This spring and summer he and his son, BJ are developing talent for Monsignor Scanlan varsity program.


Darren McFarlene (2024) 6’5 small forward, Monsignor Scanlan High - McFarlane is an athletic small forward. He dunks the ball aggressive, rebounds the ball and finishes around the basket. He is capable of guarding from 1-5. He is extremely coachable and want to get better everyday. 90 average student.


Said Adam (2024) 6’7 power forward, Monsignor Scanlan High - Adams has great post up moves, he finish well around the basket. Very unselfish player. Blocks shots and rebounds. 80 average student.

Moises Batista (2024) 6’3 guard, Monsignor Scanlan High - Bastista can handle the ball. Shoots the ball well. Very unselfish. He is a team player. He can also create his shot off the dribble. 88 average student.

Jovanny Fabre (2024) 6’2 guard, Monsignor Scanlan High - Fabre plays very aggressive defense. Get out in the open floor and finishes. Will create steals and loose ball opportunities. 85 average student.

Kyle Austion (2024) 6’5 small forward, Monsignor Scanlan High - Austion is very tenacious on defense. He rebounds that basketball well. He dives on the floor for loose balls. Can finish well around the basket. 90 average student.

Sean Thomas (2025) 6’5 guard, Monsignor Scanlan High - Thomas can handle the ball. Create his shot off the dribble. Rebound the ball and passes the ball very well. 80 average student.

Jovial Gilzene (2024) 6’6 forward, Monsignor Scanlan High - Gilzene is a hard nose player. Rebound the ball aggressively, does not take plays off. Very coachable kid and willing to get better every day.  85 average student.