2023 Ball & Inspire Summer League Top 20


The summer of 2023 bore witness to an exceptional showcase of talent and perseverance in the Ball & Inspire league. Hosted by the Next Up Organization, a nonprofit committed to providing opportunities for youth and young adults in New York City, this tournament served as more than just a display of athletic prowess; it offered a safe haven for youth while introducing them to valuable employment and educational opportunities.

Below, we shine the spotlight on the 20 top players who left an indelible mark on the court, captivating fans and scouts with their mesmerizing skills, tireless dedication, and an unwavering love for the game during the scorching summer of 2023.
Khalil Robinson (2023) guard, Eagle Academy (Bronx) - Robinson’s dazzling performance earned him the MVP title of the league. His leadership and court vision made him an irreplaceable asset for his team.

Da-King Smith (2024) guard, Metro BDA - Smith electrified the league by leading in scoring and setting a remarkable single-game record with a jaw-dropping 50 points. His scoring prowess left spectators in awe.

Mourtalla “Malik” Mbaye (2023) guard, Team Next Up, Eagle Academy (Harlem) - Mbaye played a pivotal role as he led the #1 seed in both scoring and assists. His on-court IQ and playmaking ability were instrumental to his team’s success.

Jayden Richardson (2023) small forward, Chosen Few - Richardson’s versatility was on full display as he finished in the league’s top 5 for points, rebounds, blocks, and steals. A true all-around force on the court.

Connor Sprattley (2025) Guard - Spratleyfam, Thomas Jefferson High - Sparttley emerged as one of the most prolific guards in New York City, boasting an impressive average of 30 points per game. His scoring ability was second to none.

Jahmir Johnson (2023) forward, NYC Generals - Johnson’s high-energy style of play made him a slashing threat. His aggressive drives to the basket energized his team and kept defenses on their toes.

Tyler Fraser (2023) guard, Team Next Up - Fraser was a standout two-way player, renowned for his defensive prowess and offensive versatility. He was a relentless force on both ends of the court.

Kazyli Love (2023) Guard - Scanlan High - Love, a score-first guard, possessed a remarkable ability to find his spots on the floor, making him a formidable threat on the offensive end.

Manny Guity (2025) forward, H2N - Guity’s dominance on the boards led to his distinction as the league’s rebounding leader. His tenacity in the paint made a significant impact on games.

Jojo Murphy (2023) small forward, NYC Generals - Murphy was a dynamic scorer known for his high-energy approach on both offense and defense. He brought an exciting presence to the court, making plays and creating opportunities for his team.

Abdul-Wali Ray (2024) guard, Big City Elites - Ray, a crafty guard, showcased his ability to generate assists and points. His court vision and scoring touch set him apart in the league.

Jah Lawrence (2023) small forward - Boys & Girls High - Lawrence was one of the best defenders and finishers in the league. His versatile skills made him a force on both ends of the court.

CJ Walker (2025) guard, H2N, WINGS High - Walker, a high-energy guard, played with intensity on both ends. His relentless hustle was a key factor for his team’s success.

Saliou Ndiaye (2024) forward, Eagle Academy (Harlem) - Standing at 6’7”, Saliou Ndiaye was one of the best defenders in the league, leading in blocks. His presence in the paint was intimidating for opponents.

Michael Owen (2023) guard, Cardinal Hayes High - Owens was a versatile player, contributing in various aspects of the game. He led his team to the championship with his leadership and skills.

Andrew Hutchinson Jr. (2024) forward,  Team Next Up, Rocktop Academy (PA) - Hutchinson was one of the best finishers in the league and possessed the ability to guard multiple positions on defense.

Zamir Grant (2025) guard, Young Legends - Grant was a tough guard who could score against any defender. His offensive prowess made him a valuable asset.

Demetrius Thomas (2027) guard, Big City Elites, St Francis Prep - Thomas, one of the league’s young talents, displayed remarkable skills that hinted at a future playing at the varsity level during high school.

Cyncir Young (2027) guard, Young Legends, Adlai Stevenson High - Young, another young player, made his presence felt on both ends of the court with a combination of skill and tenacity.

Chase Spivey (2023) guard, Chosen Few - Spivey, a complete point guard, excelled at limiting turnovers and setting up his teammates for easy scores.