2023-24 Our Saviour Lutheran Regional Season Preview



Our Saviour Lutheran High School is a private, co-educational school located in Morris Park, Bronx.  Its high school was established in 1955.  In basketball, under coach Peter Wehye, they have created a tremendous college prep program.  This year they are running five teams. Wehye head coaches the top team, that competes in the Overtime Elite League with other nationally renown programs. He sets the values and culture for all five teams.

The OSL Regional team is coached by up and coming coach Trevor Reed. His team will again be competing in the AA Division of the Power 5 conference, a New England Prep school league. His players are profiled below:

Latrell Mark (2024) 6’3 guard - Mark is an athletic combo guard who can finish at a high rate and has one of the highest IQs. Mark is an incredible passer and loves to get his teammates involved and then he will score. His most impressive attribute is his defense. He can keep almost any guard in front of him and will translate to the next level. His defense turns into offense as his steals lead to fastbreak dunks and alley oops from his teammates.

Jeremiah Peoples (2024) 6’0 guard - Peoples is a three level scorer that can take over a game any second with his ability to get to the rim and hit contested shots. Peoples is a name coaches want to get involved with and he will elevate any team’s offensive capabilities.

Yendri Torres (2025) 6’5 wing - Torres is a coach’s dream. He is from the Dominican Republic. He is the hardest worker and is the best rebounder on this team. He is hard to keep off the glass and finishes at a high rate. He can step outside and hit the 3. With his strength and length OSL Regional can go small and put him against some 5 men.

Harry Adam (2024) 6’6 wing - Adam, one of two returners for Coach Reed, is the best shooter on the team. Any bit of space and he is automatic, he does not need much time and can shoot it at a high clip. His height helps him shoot over defenders and has a good mid range game. His athleticism is what sets him apart; it is why he will be able to play in college and change the trajectory of any program.

Kajuan Kearney (2024) 6’0 guard - Kajuan Kearney is a do it all point guard that takes charges and makes sure those around him get opportunities and then lastly if you need someone to score, please start buying stock in Kajuan Kearney. Not only can he do that on the offensive end but he will guard the opposing team’s best player 94 feet while also coming over to take a charge on a drive.

Daniel Chauvin (2025) 5’9 guard - A spark plug off the bench who can shoot the basketball very well and plays with toughness and confidence that not many guards have. Can get in the lane and dish out or finish with both hands, while also stepping back and hitting three after three. As the other returner for Coach Reed, he will continue to look to build on his game and do whatever it takes to win.

Jaylyn Simon (2025) 6’4 wing - The Swiss Army knife of the team, can come in and play the small ball four and because of his toughness and competitive level he thrives in this role. He will take charges, dive on the floor for every loose ball, and rebound at a high clip. Simon is a high academic kid. 3.8 gpa.

Johnny Floyd (2024) 6’4 wing - One of the best perimeter defenders on the team and can be someone who can catch and shoot and hit the 3 while also guarding th other team’s best guard. Will continue to develop offensively but is a threat in transition and a catch and shoot threat.

Lamine Diate (2024) 6’8 forward - The tallest kid on OSL Regional, has good touch around the rim and is a very good passer for his size. OSL Regional will play off of him and let him get others involved. Rebounds at a good clip and protects the basket well.

Abu Dukuray (2024) 6’5” Forward/Wing - One of the better shooters on the team, can stretch the floor and force defenses to respect him while also being one of the better offensive rebounders on the team.

Dominick Marcellus (2024) 6’6” Forward - A knock down shooter who can also guard the post well. Very active on the glass and one of the hardest workers on the team.

David Jarecki (2026) 6’1” Guard - The second youngest on the team and one of the best shooters. Has the ability to get hot and knock down multiple 3s at a time. Will continue to get better and will end up being one of the better shooters the whole year.

Jacob Evans (2027) 6’1” Guard - The youngest on the team but also one of the toughest. Can create his own shot off of the dribble and gets to the line and hits foul shots. One of the better competitors on the team as well.

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