2023-24 York Prep Season Preview


York Preparatory School is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan near Lincoln Square, is a college preparatory co-ed school. Manhattan. It provides instruction to approximately 370 students between 6th and 12th grades.

The boys varsity team is head coached by their Dean of Students, Brian Shure (fourth season), and he is assisted by Nick Turi (fourth season) and Griffin Reische third season). The team is the back-to-back regular season and postseason Independent School Athletic League Champions, as well as the 2022 NYSAIS Class C State Champions. Coach Shure was named the Coach of the Year in 2022. While the team this year may not have the same heliocentric star power of years past, this very well could be the deepest and most well-rounded roster the team has had. The Panthers will play with pace and employ their unique defensive approach as they compete for a spot in the Class C State Championship game for the third year in a row.


Ron Kullashi (2025) 6’1 shooting guard (*team captain) - Kullashi took a dip in efficiency from freshman to sophomore year, going from a scorching 38% from behind the arc to 32%. However, the dip in efficiency wasn’t due to a loss in skill but an increase in workload and shot difficulty. He became a primary offensive source; his threes came from deeper ranges, off the dribble, while defenders attempted to run him off the line. He attempted ten threes per game in the high-octane York offense, accumulating eighty-one made threes total. Kullashi grew all across the board in his sophomore campaign as he increased his volume and efficiency around the rim, using his improved physicality to create space for layups. Kullashi grew sharper with his ball handling as the season went along, which allowed him to navigate pick and rolls more effectively, punishing drop coverage and defenders who went under on ball screens. If he improves his defensive abilities while continuing to grow his on-ball creation, he will put many people on notice as one of the best players in New York State’s class of 2025.  4.0 gpa

Julius Oltarsh (2024) 5’11 combo guard - Oltash was one of the most polarizing players on York’s roster in 2023. He shined bright as a newcomer to the team early last season, showing an ability to score off the bench while being perhaps the team’s most ferocious defender. He relentlessly pursued point guards up and down the court and proved himself to be an asset on both sides of the ball, boasting a 35% success rate on his three-point shots during his junior season. Oltarsh struggled with consistency and saw a reduced role as the year went on. Despite this, he still made productive plays in the state tournament, as his point-of-attack brilliance and aggression were on display throughout his time on the court. 3.3 gpa

Harrison Geiling (2024) 6’1 forward - Geiling had an outstanding season in his first year with the team despite a slow start as a newcomer. He showed great patience and perseverance and finally got his chance to shine as a much needed shooter and rebounder. Geiling’s game improved throughout the season and exploded in the playoffs. In five games off the bench in the postseason, Geiling hit eight threes and pulled down a team-high thirty-five rebounds, with an impressive thirteen coming on the offensive glass. Geiling will be a vital piece this season as the ultimate 3 and D player, who can change a game with his relentless rebounding. 3.7 gpa

Hayden Gere (2024) 6’4 power forward - No one on the team has made more strides year by year than Gere has made in his varsity career. He went from a reduced role in his sophomore year to a critical contributor in the team’s state playoff run his junior year, earning him the most improved player award. Now a senior, Gere will use his big frame to provide much value for a York squad that tends to rely heavily on its perimeter play. Gere has shown the ability to be a disruptive force on both ends of the court, but his defense as a rim protector proved invaluable to the team’s success last season and the Panthers will need more consistency on that end from him this year. With some improvements to his conditioning and decision making, Gere will undoubtedly pose a challenge for opposing teams. 3.7 gpa

Max Ehrlich (2024) 6’2 point forward - Once heralded as one of York’s most promising players as a sophomore, Ehrlich is heading into his final year of high school looking to make a big impact. He has a uniquely refined skill set for a player of his size and he is clearly the most versatile player on the roster. He stepped up late in the season, leading the team in drawn charges and providing stability on the back end of the defense. Standing at 6’2, Erlich possesses exceptional court awareness, utilizing his passing ability to enhance his teammates’ performance. Ehrlich has shown great shooting in the past, but his consistency has suffered in the last two seasons due to unfortunate injuries. If he can stay healthy, improve his conditioning, and maintain his confidence on the court, he will be an invaluable asset to the York team on both ends of the floor. 3.7 gpa

Daniel Turner (2025) 5’10 point guard - Turner is perhaps the most experienced player on the York Prep team heading into this season. Having played for AAU program PVO Elite, Turner has gone up against some highly respected players and gained valuable experience. Despite facing injuries, Turner persevered through his sophomore year and is now prepared to make a significant contribution to the team. Turner stands out as a refined floor general, exhibiting the capability to create his own shot, but more importantly exceptional passing skills to benefit his teammates. Not only does Turner provide the team with reliable guard play, but he also showcases a tireless point-of-attack defense that relentlessly pressures opponents on the court. Turner is a high IQ player with the skill to match, and eager to prove he can be a prominent roster piece for the Panthers this year.

Kenny Reyes (2026) 6’0 shooting guard - Reyes has the most potential among the current roster of players. He is athletic, skilled, enthusiastic, and has the charisma and aura of a player poised for a breakout season. In his first year, Reyes quickly became a favorite amongst his teammates and game crowds due to his infectious energy and positive attitude. By virtue of being a freshman, Reyes had to accept a reduced role, but with a year under his belt hopes to make some noise during his sophomore campaign. One of the hardest workers on the team, Reyes consistently comes early and stays late after practices to get up hundreds of shots. The work has certainly paid off and he has looked great in early season workouts.

New Additions:

Michael Ihedioha (2025) 6’1 point guard - While Ihedioha is new to the team this year, he brings one of the most refined skill sets going into his junior season. An athletic 6’1 guard with a robust offensive game and impressive athletic abilities, he can shoot, push the ball, and punish opponents going downhill with his spin moves and impressive layup package. The Panthers are hoping Ihedioha will be a key contributor to the team’s scoring efforts this year by generating points for his teammates in transition. While the team recognizes Ihedioha’s offensive prowess, his ability to excel defensively will significantly enhance the potential for team success this season. While there may be a slight learning curve, Ihedioha’s game looks to fit very well with the Panther’s style of play. 3.7 gpa

Tim Barker (2024) 6’0 power forward - Barker is the clear x-factor of this team. The team will greatly benefit from his intensity on the court, as Barker will patrol the rim and ensure second-chance opportunities by cleaning up the offensive glass. A commonly unacknowledged aspect of Barker’s game is his basketball IQ, as he is a smart defender, a capable communicator, and an underrated passer. Barker plays like a bully, imposing his will on opponents by using his improved frame to create space around the basket. Look for Barker to be a double-double threat on any given night and raise the competitive level of his teammates.

Graham Lindsay (2026) 5’11 combo guard - With his height and versatile skill set, Lindsay is set to elevate York Prep’s transition offense using his impressive combo-guard abilities. His coaches and teammates hold him in high regard, recognizing his potential to play minutes and contribute significantly to York’s deep squad. Lindsay is considered to be a part of a pool of newcomers who will be counted on to contribute during the long winter season. The sophomore has high character and has shown flashes of being a high-level game manager who can knock down shots and set up his teammates. Improving his defense and gaining understanding of the team’s systems will be crucial in his pursuit of playing time. 3.7 gpa

Jesse Rosenberg (2024) 6’1 forward - Rosenberg is also a newcomer to the varsity team as a senior. Despite not having the most refined skill set compared to his contemporaries, he brings a unique trait to the team - his athleticism. Rosenberg possesses elite physical attributes, as he will utilize this advantage to excel on the defensive end and when crashing for rebounds. He is also especially fast, as he will leverage his speed to elevate York’s transition game. If he can learn to play with relentless aggression, he will round out the team’s depth and give the coaching staff another weapon to deploy in a defense-first approach. 3.7 gpa

Hugo Herscher (2024) 5’11 guard - Returning to basketball after taking his junior season off due to injury, Herscher is the ultimate competitor and teammate, and is looking forward to finding ways to contribute to this year’s squad. A multi-sport athlete, he will need to utilize his athleticism and IQ to specialize as a plus defender who can facilitate on offense. His work ethic and attitude will also be a big benefit in the Panther’s locker room. 3.3 gpa

Andrew Pettker (2025) 6’0 small forward - Pettker is a newcomer to York as a junior. He has immediately fit in with the team culture as a high-character player who is fundamentally sound. An excellent work ethic will help Pettker thrive once he gains more experience and continues to develop his in-game IQ and decision making. He excels on defense, but has good overall skills on both ends of the floor. Pettker will look to make his mark as the season progresses, and have a bigger role as a senior.

Ben Shabsels (2024) 6’2 forward - Shabsels joins the varsity squad after a couple of seasons on JV. A student of the game, Shabsels is extremely dedicated, which will make him a valuable piece on the roster. He possesses nice overall skills, but what immediately sticks out the most is his high-level passing in the early going. The Panthers will hope that he proves to be a reliable facilitator on offense when needed.

Ian Norwood (2024) 5’8 guard - Norwood’s attitude and effort are a perfect match with the Panther culture. A hard-nosed defender who fully embraces being a great teammate, he will be relied on to bring infectious energy and a model of hustle for the rest of the team. His defensive-oriented skill set will prove useful in situations throughout the long season.

John Smith (2025) 5’10 point guard - Smith is one of the more intriguing players on the roster. With elite athleticism and IQ, he is a skilled defender who possesses exceptional playmaking ability. He is one of the hardest workers in the room and has a propensity to elevate the attitudes around him. When he is on the court, he makes everyone around him better. His competitive soccer schedule will prevent him from playing a major role this season, but York will capitalize on whatever he can bring, and hopefully be able to turn him loose next year as a senior. 4.0 gpa

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