2023-24 Redemption Christian Academy Player Profiles


Founded in 1979 in Troy, New York by Pastor John Massey, Jr., Redemption Christian Academy (RCA) provides quality education in an affordable structured, Christian environment. Pastor Massey believed that in the right environment, any student, regardless of race, sex, or background, could achieve academic excellence. His vision was to provide a strong academic foundation to help hard-working, motivated students reach their ne plus ultra.

From the beginning, their boys basketball program has been a consistent source of college prep development. For the 2023-24 season, they are running three teams focused on developing high level talent. The AAA team is coached by the founder’s daughter, Malani Massey. Head Coach Massey has coached Prep basketball since 1997, which made her the first female boys prep coach in New York. Massey currently holds the scoring record at Redemption Christian Academy from her playing in the late 1980’s, when she averaged 38 ppg and was recruited by all the High Major programs in the country.  She chose Syracuse due to its strong Communications program. The AAA team travels far and wide to take on the premier prep programs in the country. RCA’s AA team is coached by the high energy player developer Brandon Lewis. Their third team is coached by the veteran coach and Youth Director, Tristan Wilchcombe. Wilchcombe has developed two recent pro players, Chris Durante and Dalano Banton, and so he knows how to assess talent and what they need to work on.


The AAA team was recently ranked in the Top 25 of all the powerful New England Prep School teams.


Redemption Christian currently has the following high potential college prospects within the program:


Jalan Johnson (2025) 5’10 guard -  Johnson moved up from the AA this year and is a full-court, in your face, shut-down defender. He is guarding the opposing team’s leading scorer, night in and night out, neutralizing him. He’s also the second leading scorer on the team and can knock down the open shot. A student.

Yeison Liberato (2024) point guard - Per Coach Massey, Liberato is a high major, old school point guard. He is averaging 25ppg because she forcing him to score, instead of his natural instinct to being pass-first all of the time. At the next level, his high IQ and pass first mentality will shine. He is also a monster defender, averaging 5 steals per game.

Johnson Makol (2024) 7’0 center - Makoi joined RCA after the start of the season. WIth his long wingspan, he adds much needed length to the team and can also run the floor. The coaches look for him to make an impact as the season progresses.

Jaylen Fleurimond (2024) 5’8 point guard - Fleurimond moved up from AA to add more quickness and pressure defense to RCA’s backcourt. He can handle the ball, has high energy and can knock down the open shot.  A student.

Daniel Joseph (2024) 6’6 small forward - Joseph moved up from AA because of his tenacity, high energy, ability to guard bigger players in the post, and his knack for rebounding. He leads RCA with 9 rebounds per game. A student.

Jared Smith (2025) 6’7 wing -  High academic and high character. Late bloomer with tons of upside and room to grow. Saw a major leap in his development over the last year. Staying on this pace he’s going to be a no brainer for any program. Shoots the ball at high clip from any spot on the floor. While averaging 20 (saw some 30pt games) on the year, starting to turn into a rim protector and 5 position defender. Safe to say considering his vast improvement, his future is bright. 4.0 gpa


Carter Clay (2027) 6’0 guard - As tough as they come. Per his coaches, he gives them Marcus Smart and Pat Bev vibes. Willing to do anything for the team. Extremely high motor. 94 feet defender, rebounder and won’t hesitate to sacrifice his body. Great ability to attack the paint and finish. More than capable at shooting the 3 ball. Combined with his great grades and 4 years left to play high school ball, sky is the limit.

Asher Gashumba (2027) 6’7 wing - Gashumba is an Australian import who definitely passes the eye test. He stretches the floor and gives maximum output on the defensive end.  He will be one to track in the coming years.


Aussie Gatkouth (2025) 6’7 small forward - Gatkouth brings more length and speed to RCA’s front court. He’s adjusting to the speed of the game, but is already making an impact as a slasher, who runs the floor and has the ability to play above the rim

Brenden Jordan (2027) 6’3 wing - Jordan possesses all the tools to be a HM shooter/wing.  At his young age, he is already developing all the tools to be an elite 3 level scorer. Not afraid to defend and stick his nose in for rebounds.

Daniel Benko (2026) 6’3 point guard - Today’s type of big guard that makes the right plays and goes after it on defense. Very good rebounder. Great at pushing the pace. Very unselfish player that can shoot the ball well. Gets down hill,  can create plays for other and finishes well. A sure lock at the D1 level, just a matter of where.

Shiloh Wilchcombe (2026) 5’11 point guard . A coach’s son which has heled him develop a tremendous feel for the game. The true definition of a floor general. Can’t speed him up and very poised at his age. Long and wiry still growing into his body. Big hands and feet tell of his upside. Extremely high IQ, pass first make the right play point guard. Will defend 94 ft. Great assist to turnover ratio. Will be a highly sought after PG in the 26 class soon. He has one of the highest upsides,  and will burst onto the scene really soon.


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