2023-24 King School Player Profiles


The King School is an independent day school, educating Pre-K through Grade 12 and is located in Stamford, CT, about 37 miles north of New York City. Although the school was founded back in 1865, it has never been known for its basketball prowess. Times have changed!  With Coach Nate Jean-Baptiste taking over the helm five years ago, King School is now up and coming and is a place that aspiring college prospects players can now call home. Jean-Baptiste builds his foundation on individual and team development which has allowed real success over the last few years.  Coming out of NYC, Jean-Baptiste’s background as a collegiate and professional player in Europe, as well as a skills trainer and director of the High Rise Basketball grass roots basketball has given him the tools to create an environment for players aspiring to play at the next level.


King competes in the Fairchester Athletic Association conference, and after a deep run in the New England Prep School (NEPSAC) Class C playoffs last year, the team is now competing in the NEPSAC Class B level going forward. Last year the team accumulated the most wins in a season in school history. This season, they stepped up in some games and earned a couple wins against NEPSAC Class AA teams already. King Basketball is primed to become force to be reckoned with for years to come. Below, we profile their 2023-24 players.

Nas Pettigrew (2024) 6’0 guard - Pettigrew is the definition of a slasher as he gets paint touches consistently and plays off of two feet. He can score on all 3 levels, having added the 3-ball to his game, making him a real threat on the catch. He has worked on his decision-making and is making the right reads this season to the tune of four assists per game. He defends with physicality and plays with an edge. He is the ultimate teammate and just wants to win. On a balanced team of scorers, he is averaging 12 ppg, 5 rpg, while shooting 42% from 3. Pettigrew has a variety of finishes off of two feet, and has shown that he can play above the rim. He is primed and ready to step into a collegiate program and make an impact.


DJ Pinn (2024) 6’3 wing - Pinn is a force to reckon with. Although he has missed most of his senior year with injury, he has made up for it upon returning. In six games, he is averaging 10 ppg with 9 rpg, while taking 2 charges per game on limited playing time. As a junior, he was the best rebounder in the league and shot a consistent 3-ball at 37%. He can guard positions 2-5 on the court and as he continues to get healthy, King expects his numbers to trend upwards, which will allow him to help his team on a deep run in the playoffs.

Tristin Gregoire (2025) 5’10 point guard - Gregoire is a shut-down defender and can thwart any team’s offensive continuity with his point-of-attack defense. While he can take any guard out of offensive play, he is arguably a better off-the-ball defender as he takes charges and reads the passing lane with the best of them. Offensively, Gregoire lives at the rim and has a variety of finishes. He gets downhill with his shifty ballhandling and has the athleticism to make plays at the rim. He has a dependable 3-point shot and a strong mid-range game of floaters and jumpers. He leads his team in assists at 4.5 per game and is primed to lead his team on a big run in the FAA playoffs. 3.6 gpa

AJ Trimboli (2026) 5’10 guard - Trimboli has emerged this year as a go-to player. With an assassin’s mentality and his ability to get shots off at will, he can fill it up at any given time. What separates him is his high IQ on and off the court. He is a student of the game and understands efficiency. He has been on a tear lately, connecting on almost four 3’s a game. As a sophomore, he is in rarefied air, averaging 19 ppg while shooting over 50% from 2, over 40% from 3, and over 90% from the free throw line. Trimboli’s tight handle gives him the ability to ‘get to his spots, which allows him to consistently make the right play as he also is one of the team leaders in assists (4.1) and leads in steals (2.1). He is at the top of the opponents’ scouting reports.  College coaches take note; as AJ Trimboli gets stronger and continues to fill out, there will be many more eyes on him. 3.6 gpa

George McCormack (2025) 6’1 shooting guard - “Shooter!!!” is all you hear from opposing coaches when McCormack runs up the court. He has separated himself as the most lethal shooter around. He is averaging 13 ppg while shooting 41% from behind the arc. He takes over eight 3’s a game and has found the balance of volume and efficiency. He has made four or more 3’s in 10 out of 17 games. He moves extremely well without the ball and shoots with impressive confidence and range. McCormack understands how to make himself available and gets his shot off as quick as we have seen in recent years, which separates him from the rest. Every team needs a shooter; McCormack fills that role without question. 3.7 gpa

Henry Simon (2026) 6’3 wing - Simon hails from California and brings a strong aggressive wing game with him. He can score on all 3 levels and has a deadly mid-range game. With his strong frame and high IQ, he has the ability to guard all positions. Simon lives in the gym as all he wants to do is play basketball.  He has consistently improved as an above-average passer and is becoming a consistent slasher. He is a constant catch-n-shoot threat from the 3-point line, and as he extends his range he will continue to attract college coaches because of his versatility. 3.5 gpa

Justin Beazley (2027) 6’0 guard - As a freshman, Beazley started the year off playing like a veteran. He was a huge factor in the Kingwood-Oxford Invitational Tournament as he garnered All-Tournament honors for his performance. He does it all for his team defensively and offensively. He is fundamentally sound, plays at his pace, and cannot be sped up. He has great ball control and get to his spots for turnarounds and rim finishes. He shoots with range and can score from anywhere on the court. He is second in scoring and leads his team in 3-point percentage at 43%.  Defensively, he can guard positions 1-4, and has a level of grit that isn’t often seen these days. He is as competitive as they come, and as he continues to grow and develop athletically, Beazley will become a household name for college coaches. 3.5 gpa

Krystian Gaston (2026) 6’2 wing - Gaston is an emerging player with a huge upside. He is a lanky and athletic wing with the ability to guard all 5 positions and run the floor with the best of them. He is amongst the team leaders in deflections, and has a serviceable 3-point shot.His budding ability to guard at the rim and attack the offensive glass, makes him a catalyst on any team.  As he continues to understand the game and his God-given abilities, he will be a force to reckon with as he has all the makings of a positionless basketball player. He will be relied on to make a bigger difference as the season progresses. 3.2 gpa

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