2024 6th Boro Hoops 17u College Prospects


6th Boro Hoops is a long-term oriented program with the goal of holistically developing their players. The program was founded and is directed by Nihad Musovic, a four year player at Fordham Prep ‘11, Fordham University ‘15 and two year member of the Montenegrin National Team. He holds a Masters of Sports Coaching from West Virginia University.

Their 2024 17u roster is as follows:


#10 Ege Kazicioglu (2024) 6’3 guard, Hoosac School from Istanbul, Turkey

#13 Kani Topuz (2024) 6’7 small forward, Hoosac School from Istanbul, Turkey

#15 Maximos Koutoris (2024) 6’6 forward, Hoosac School from Larnaca, Cyprus

#20 Tarik Bicic (2024) 6’5 guard, Hoosac School from New Jersey

#21 Enzo Boignee (2024) 6’4 guard, Hoosac School from Le Havre, France

#23 Unai Fernandez (2024) 6’6 guard, Hoosac School from Madrid, Spain

#24 Leo Ryott (2025) 6’7 forward, Hoosac School from Stockholm, Sweden

#32 Milos Sarenac (2024) 6’5 small forward, Hoosac School from Bratunac, Bosnia & Hercegovina

#50 Relja Vranesevic (2024) 6’9 forward, Hoosac School from Belgrade, Serbia