2024 Mt Vernon Elite 17u Player Profiles


The Mount Vernon Elite program was created by the Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon. Entrusted with their code of conduct and principles, The Mount Vernon Elite has branched off into a separate entity. The Mount Vernon Elite program has flourish beyond expectations. The Mount Vernon Elite basketball program offers the youth in New York the highest quality athletic programming, academic support, enrichment, and opportunities for lifelong success. Their goal is to produce athletes who can play basketball at the highest competitive levels, and to cultivate strong students to be well-rounded citizens.


Their 2024 17u team is coached by Kenny Tyler, assistant varsity coach at Mt Vernon High, and his roster is as below.


Tavien Tyler (2025) 5’6 point guard, Mt Vernon High - Super quick point guard that you might miss if you blink. Always plays much bigger than he is. He can really score the ball with ease because it’s impossible to stay in front of him and when you back up he knocks down the 3 ball with ease. He’s an excellent on ball defender and whenever you think you have him outsized somehow he finds a way to make you commit an offensive foul. He seems to be the leader of this team just as he was the leader of his high school team. Hopefully college coaches don’t overlook this kid like they did his brother Demetre Roberts because they are truly the definition of heart over height.

William Robinson (2025) 5’10 point guard, Mt Vernon High - Crafty guard who likes to mix it up in the paint from time to time. However, we have noticed that he has a silky smooth jump shot as he shoots the 3 ball really well. One of his best attributes is that he annoys any ball handler with his pesky defense. According to his coaches he’s been a gym rat since the season ended and he said he wants to bring a state chip back to his high school and play a major role in it.


Kai Harvey (2025) 5’6 point guard, Mt Vernon High - Tremendous ball handling ability and he loves to show it when he gets the opportunity. His craftiness with the ball allows him to set his teammates up with ease, and if you dare to take your eye off of him he’s ready to knock down any shot. Loves to pick up his defender full court and never leave him alone. According to his coaches he’s a lovable kid that tries his best to keep his whole team together at all times.

Dayshawn Staggers (2025) 6’1 guard, Mt Vernon High - At first sight you look at him and you would easily think he was running back, as he looks the part. When he plays he definitely show his strength as he’s not afraid to rebound and then push the ball. Loves to get into the paint and finish through contact. Watching him play its almost like he looks forward to someone attempting to hit him. On defense we’ve seen him take charges and guard almost every position. He’s a work horse and you can definitely see it when he out there.

Hadi Adeyi (2025) 6’6 small forward, Mt Vernon High - If you’re looking to see what god-like athletic ability looks like, then look no further. He’s a high flyer who is always looking to take off, and when you think that’s his only attribute here comes a 3 ball, then a mid-range. We have also seen him rebound a push the tempo of the game with some ball handling ability. We haven’t seen much of him but hopefully we will be able to get a closer look really soon.

Timoni Clarke (2025) guard, Mt Vernon High - Loves to attack the basket tenaciously. We’ve watched him get into the paint with ease and he doesn’t waste time getting airborne so that he can finish. He has some sneaky athletic ability as we have seen him hound the ball handler, block shots, and rebound without seeming to be tired or slowing down. We can’t wait to see more of him as time goes along.

Josh Thompson (2025) 6’4 guard, Mt St Michael’s Academy - A ball player with a high IQ. He loves to keep the defense guessing as to what he going to do. We have seen him fill the stat sheet on both ends of the floor. He’s guarded every position on the floor and did it with ease. He seems to be the guy on this team that’s ready to give them whatever they need when they need it. He is definitely this teams Swiss Army knife. We are looking forward to seeing more of him this spring and summer!

Kamrin Kendall (2025) 6’5 wing, Harry S. Truman High School - He passes the eye test for sure. He’s looks like a ball player and when he’s in uniform you can tell that he’s an athlete. He has the ability to sprint the floor with ease and when he’s running, he catches well and finishes well. We have also seen him hit the corner three frequently. For this team he plays big, and he rebounds in traffic very well. We can’t wait to see more of him.

Hardy Jimbes (2025) 6’6 wing, Cardinal Spellman High School - Very lanky kid who plays really big for this team. He is their rim protector, and he does it well because he gets off the floor quick and he gets up high. When he’s on offense he makes sure he reminds his teammates that he has a soft touch because when the get it to him he loves to turn and face the rim. We have watched him grow every week and according to his coaches he is a gym rat.

Joel Dalmasi (2025) 6’1 small forard, Alexander Hamilton High - Another player on this team with a high IQ. He’s not very big for his position, but for some reason he’s always in the right spot to grab a board, which tends to work in his favor on offense because he’s able to get some easy put backs. We have seen him make a lot of the right plays for his teammates and we are definitely looking forward to seeing what else he has in his arsenal.

Dave Golson (2024) 6’4 small forward, The Promise Academy - Golson seems to be very athletic as he’s gets really high when he’s rebounding or attempting to block a shot. Another player who plays big for this team and it doesn’t seem like he minds at all. We haven’t seen to much of him but from what we saw he’s not afraid to mix it up in the paint and he runs the floor well.

Quentin Carlos (2025) 6’5 wing, Our Savior Lutheran - Crafty wing player who can get to the basket with ease. Seems to love to push the ball off of rebounds. We haven’t seen too much of him with this team, but it seems like he has a lot to offer, and we are looking forward to following him through his journey.