2024 King Hoops Player Profiles


King Hoops is a New York City based AAU program with kids from all five boroughs and is loaded with college basketball talent across all levels. Follow KING Hoops on Instagram and Twitter @KINGHoopsNY.

College scouts can reach out to Coach Josh Horowitz at josh@kinghoops.org to inquire about the Kings Hoops program and players.

Below are profiles on 2024 King Hoops key players:


Drew Parrish (2024) 5’9 point guard, Murry Bergtraum High - Parrish is a true point guard, best leader in the history of our program, and a winner. Parrish can score, pass, and defend at a very high level. 1st team All State.

Jayden Ayala (2025) 6’4 swing, Weehawken High (NJ) - Ayala can flat out score the ball from all 3 levels. 2023-24 New Jersey Sophomore of the Year and Top 10 in the State of New Jersey in scoring as a junior.

Charlek Rockcliffe (2024) 6’4 wing, John Bowne High - Rockcliffe is a versatile Swiss Army knife who can handle the ball, shoot it from 3, and guards all 3 levels.

Jeremy Bowers (2024) 5’11 guard, Williamsburg Charter High - Bowers is the leading scorer in the history of our program and is one of the best available guards in all of NYC. One program is going to be very lucky next fall.

Kimorri Samuels (2024) 6’0 guard, Albert Tuitt High - Samuels is a downhill and bouncy athlete with speed, strong finisher through contact, and versatile defender. Very projectable to the next level.

Hank Ford (2025) 6’3 guard, Poly Prep High - High academic prospect, Ford shoots it with range, posts smaller guards, and can beat you off the dribble. Guards all 5 positions. 3.9 gpa

Joel Ofori (2024) 6’7 forward, Murry Bergtraum - Ofori’s ceiling is as high as anybody in our program, high level finisher, rebounds on both sides of the ball, and can guard all 5 positions. 6’9 Wingspan and will improve with a college weight room.

Nico James (2025) 5’11 guard, Poly Prep High - James is the ultimate Glue guy/spark plug, incredible defender with his athleticism and effort. Guards the other team’s best player and gives them 94 feet nightmares.

Blake Fowler Lastra (2024) 6’2 swing, Eagle Academy Harlem - Fowler Lastra is an athletic downhill guard who can get to the rim at will especially with his right hand. Very capable defender and rebounder.

Lashawn Goodman (2025) 6’3 small forward, Seward Park High - Goodman is a multi-dimensional creator who can play inside and outside. Goodman is a good decision maker with the ball in his hands and has a knack for finishing around the basket. Improving defender.

Josh Day (2025) 6’0 guard, Eagle Academy Harlem - Day is a knock down shooter from 3 point range and very comfortable shooting the pull-up mid-range jumper. Can score in quick bursts and fill it up in a hurry.

Julian Krause (2025) 6’3 small forward, Christ the King High - Krause is a sharpshooter from the outside with a great 1 dribble pull up game. An improving defender with length, Krause is extremely coachable and has a great basketball IQ.

Josh Sarabhavanija (2024) 5’9 guard, Weehawken High - Sarabhavanija is a true scorer who is as shifty as they come. He can score the ball from anywhere on the court. An improving passer and decision maker, he is a knock down shooter catch and shoot and off the dribble.

Jaydon Koiner (2024) 6’0 guard, Seward Park High - A smooth operator who can score the ball from anywhere on the court. 3 level scorer who can rise over the top, and hit the consistent mid range jumper. Koiner can blow by any defender and will punish defenses for going under ball screens.

Wyatt Benson (2025) 6’3 small forward, Packer Collegiate High - Benson is the ultimate Glue Guy, willing defender at any position, exceptional offensive rebounder, and willing to do all of the dirty work and anything it takes to win!

Seven Dunlop (2025) 5’10 point guard, The Clinton School - Lights out from 3, if he has space, he is knocking it down. Confident ball handler who sees the floor well in transition and does not turn it over much. True point guard and leader. High gpa

Boubacar Balde (2025) 5’11 guard, Eagle Academy Harlem - Balde is an athletic, downhill guard who can blow by any defender and get to the rim. Excellent in transition with open space..Very good on ball defender.

DJ Coles (2025) 6’3 small forward, Murry Bergtraum High - Coles is a bruiser who can bully small guards inside and blow past forwards. Matchup problem for opposing teams and improving 3 point shooter.

Rashonne Houston (2024) 6’3 small forward, Albert Tuitt High - Houston is the best rebounder in the program, takes pride in his defense and doing the little things exceptionally well. Leads the program in charges taken.

KayKay Brunson (2024) 6’5 small forward, Broome Street High - Brunson is a bouncy and above the rim player who has a never-ending motor. 6’7 wingspan who will only get better as he gets in a weight room.

Daniel Reyes (2027) 5’11 guard, Cardinal Hayes - Reyes is playing up as a freshman and is not afraid of the moment, Reyes is a quick twitch guard who is very strong driving to his right hand, has a good pull-up game, and ready to defend at a very high level.

Josh Gaffin (2025/6) 5’11 guard, NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies - Gaffin is a knockdown outside shooter who gets his shot up as quickly as anybody and scores the ball in bunches. Great decision maker with the ball in his hands and underrated on ball defender with quick hands. Very coachable and high work ethic. High gpa

Jadon Sarabhavanija (2026) 5’11 shooting guard, Weehawken High - Sarabhavanija is a lefty who can really shoot it from the outside with confidence and drive the ball to his left hand. The youngest of three brothers to come from the program, the sky is the limit for Sarabhavanija as he continues to get stronger.

Kev Mckinley (2026) 5’9 guard, East Harlem Scholars - Mckinley is an elite on ball defender who gives the opposing point guard fits from baseline to baseline. Mckinley does all the dirty work and is an improving decision maker with the ball in his hands.

Marc Verma Bonany (2024) 6’5 wing, The Clinton School - Verma-Bonany is elite shooter from 3 with 6’7 Wingspan and has only been playing basketball for two years. He is seeking basketball opportunities in Spain.

Justin Boutin (2024) 6’2 small forward, Winston Prep School - Boutin is a body bruiser who impacts games with his physicality. Big rebounder especially defensively who plays his tail off.

Orion Agee-Chandler (2026) 6’4 small forward, John Jay High - Agee-Chandler is a long athletic wing who is a slasher and can knock down the open 3 point shot. Very coachable with a high ceiling as he gets in the weight room.

Karon Petway (2025) 6’1 swing, Murry Bergtraum High - Petway is a great offensive rebounder and defender who makes winning plays. Very willing to play his role and makes a huge impact on the game on both sides of the ball when he is in.

Amarie Bynoe (2025/6) 6’7 forward, Murry Bergtraum High - Bynoe is the ultimate rim protector with his 6’10 wingspan affected and blocking all shots and rebounding on both sides of the floor. An improving finisher who is still learning how to use his body, Bynoe has a very high ceiling.