2024 Team Finesse Varsity Player Profiles

By RecruitTheBronx@gmail.com


Team Finesse, founded and coached by Austin Carretta of Finesse Hoops Training and Finesse Fitness Gym in Wallingford, Connecticut, is a new basketball program with a big goal: to become a leading force in providing an avenue for Connecticut basketball players to get opportunities for higher education and basketball advancement. The program brings together talented players from New Haven County, providing them with high-level training and development opportunities to improve their skills. Team Finesse emphasizes professional-level strength and conditioning, ensuring players are physically and mentally prepared for the demands of college and professional basketball. By focusing on well-rounded athletic development, the program aims to create a path for its athletes to earn opportunities at top colleges, setting them up for success both on and off the court.

The 2024 Team Finesse Varsity player profiles are as below.


Khalil Thompson (2025) 5’10 point guard, Bridgeport Prep (CT) - This point guard is a real problem for defenses. He’s incredibly shifty and can get to the basket whenever he wants, plus he’s a serious scoring threat from anywhere on the court.  He’s a true floor general who can defend all 94 feet, putting pressure on the ball handler with tough, physical defense. During the spring live period, he averaged 16.6 points and 6 assists per game.


Bobby Moore, Jr. (2025) 5’9 point guard, Hamden High (CT) - Moore is a dynamic two-way threat on offense and defense, with elite speed and athleticism that allow him to finish strong at the rim. He can get to the basket and run the floor with ease, shoot from deep, and plays with a non-stop motor.

Amare Brooks (2025) 6’2 guard, West Haven High (CT) - Brooks has a great feel for the game; he can play multiple roles for any team; he can be a floor general and is a guard who can score at all 3 levels. He has a great mid-range game and with a 6 ‘5 wingspan plays above the rim and is a tremendous on ball defender getting steals blocks and out in transition and finding open players and making plays. He has averaged 20+ with 4+ steals per game so far this season and is continuing to make massive strides in his game as the season continues. Brooks played a major role on the West Haven High Basketball Team that fell short in the State Championship Game this season at Mohegan Sun. He has interest from prep schools for a post grad year and will be reclassing into the class of 2025.

Gabe Courno (2025) 6’2 guard 2025 Hamden High (CT)- Courno is an extremely athletic combo guard who started at Hamden High. A true two-way player, he can run the point, excels in transition, and is a lethal catch-and-shoot sniper from three-point range. He can guard the opponent’s best player, grab rebounds, and contributes to winning basketball games on both ends of the court. Courno has recorded multiple triple-doubles this high school season and during the spring live period. He has interest from several schools for a postgraduate year and plans to make his decision in the coming weeks. 4.0 gpa


Daylen Rosco (2025) 5’10 point guard, Holy Cross High (CT) - Rosco is the fastest kid on the court at all times, averaging 10 points per game at Holy Cross as a starter. As a measure of his speed Rosco won the State Championship in the 200M as a sophomore this past May. He is an elite guard who can pick up 94 feet and has a nonstop motor, Rosco can rebound, run the break and will pick up 94 feet for an entire game. He can knock down catch and shoot 3s but really excels taking people off the dribble and getting to the rim. Rosco has been playing 17u for Team Finesse since coming into his freshman year. He will continue to grow and excel into being one of the most impactful guards in his class in the state. He has been playing up due to his ability to defend and be a fearless competitor no matter where he is.


Eric Jones (2025) 6’2 point guard, Hill House High (CT) - Jones was an All-SCC player this past year in leading Hill House and was a top 25 player to watch this season per Game Time CT. Jones can finish above the rim, plays with great pace and can score the ball at an extremely high clip. He takes pride in guarding the opponent’s best player. He has a quick first step and can get to the basket off the dribble. He also finds open players due to his high basketball IQ.


Ronald Manning (2025) 6’3 wing Career High-New Haven (CT) - Manning is a high energy player who can shoot off the catch and loves to get out in transition and finish strong at the rim. He has a college ready body and loves to play defense. Manning is a coach’s favorite because he will do whatever it takes to win and shows up in big moments. 3.8 gpa


Amere Best (2025) 6’2 wing, Career High-New Haven (CT) - Best has been a key player for Career High-New Haven, averaging 14.7 points and 12 rebounds per game this past season. His athleticism, strength, and tenacity allow him to defend all positions effectively. While he excelled playing the 5, he is transitioning smoothly into a perimeter player, developing his ball-handling and scoring abilities at all three levels. As Best continues to learn the perimeter position, his already impressive game has tremendous potential for growth.

Jonovan Bracey (2025) 6’5 shooting guard, Career High-Waterbury (CT) - Bracey, a sophomore for Career, played a key role in their recent success. This past season, the team won a state championship at Mohegan Sun and their division championship. Bracey has continued to excel this spring, earning Second Team All-ZG honors at recent live events. He has a strong basketball IQ, finds open teammates and using his length effectively to block shots and grab rebounds. A threat at all three levels, Bracey is developing into a strong three-point shooter. As he continues to grow and refine his skills, expect D1 and D2 programs need to take notice. Several prep schools have already shown interest in having him reclassify into the class of 2026 due to his high potential and desire to improve and reach the next level. 3.5 gpa


Chris Price (2025) 6’6 forward, Hamden High (CT) - Price has great length and is very active. He can block shots in the paint and secure rebounds. He is still adding to his frame and continuously improving and making strides. He is making an impact in the paint contesting shots and quickly getting the ball out on the break to the guards, pushing the pace.


Harrison Grier (2026) 6’3 shooting guard, Lyman Hall High (CT) - An underclassman who has great length and is a fearless shooter. He is great at finding his spots on the floor and gets his shot off very quickly. He can hit from deep and the mid-range and does a good job running the floor and finishing in transition. Playing up has been helping Grier grow his game defense and rebounding. Competing with older players in practice is helping to mold his great length and potential into a great 3 and D wing. 3.4 gpa

Sean Boles (2026) 5’10 point guard, Maloney High (CT) - A strong physical guard who is smooth with the ball and plays with great pace and has a good feel for the game can finish through traffic, can shoot the 3 and has great mid-range game. He loves to take on challenge of guarding best player positions 1-5 and is a tough competitor who doesn’t back down. Grier and Boles are young guards on this team growing together, and are more than holding their own on the 17u varsity circuit this spring.  4.0 gpa