2021 All-America Valley Basketball Club College Prospects


The All-America Valley Basketball Club (AAVBC), founded in 2018, is an AAU club whose purpose is to foster stage-appropriate player skill development and a positive experience for young athletes. The club was founded by Steven Wolfe on the premise of service and hard work while promoting fun through the sport of basketball.  The great majority of the players principally come from the towns which make up the extended Lower Naugatuck Valley Region in Connecticut.

Coach Wolfe has the following college prospects who have newly joined his program this year:

(See the profiles on his program’s prospects in 2020 here )

Naquan Toombs, Jr (2021) 6’1 guard, August Martin High (NY) - Toombs is versatile, quick guard; good court vision; excellent shooting range; strong finisher to the rim; defends on the ball well.

Sterling Griffin (2022) 5’11 guard Ansonia High (CT)- Griffin is an excellent ball handler and consummate distributor; prefers to get his teammates involved on offense early; shoots well from mid-range and deep. Solid on ball defender - doesn’t give up if beat.

Michael Langston (2022) 6’2 guard, Stratford High (CT) - Langston moves well without the ball. Solid rebounder. Aggressive to the cup, and has an array of good shot selections. Willing to play bigger opponents inside.

Robert Moriarty (2022) 6’2 guard, Woodland Regional High(CT) - Moriarty is a high percentage spot up shooter. Able to weave in and out on offense. Knows exactly how to rotate off the ball and is always prepared to shoot. Great defender on the ball and helpside. Has great upper body strength and leaping ability. Tough shooting guard.

Siomar Rodriguez (2022) 5’7 guard, Shelton High (CT) - Rodriguez is an aggressive, tough shooter. Attacks to the rim and is persistent. Knows himself and how to find his shots. Can be a streaky scorer as well in key moments. Hustles on defense; uses hands and quickness to generate steals and turnovers against opponents.

Sheldon Reese (2022) 6’1 guard Career Magnet High (CT) - Reese is a crafty southpaw who is extremely versatile finisher to the hoop. Able to get clean looks at virtually any spot on the floor. Smart player who knows how to use his dexterity to his advantage. Explosive on offense with a smooth shooting stroke. A terror for an opponent in man-to-man match ups, Reese is adept at show-running against an unprepared defense. But can also manage himself well against press defensive systems. Defensively, he thrives at playing up on an opponent with his twitchy reflexes. Not afraid to go inside and rebound. Excellent ball-handling skills, making good reads and penetrating gaps. Directs fast breaks well. With every game, brings a huge desire to win and play hard. Understands game-time situations and adjusts his game on the fly.

Jaidon Brown (2023) 6’1 guard, Harding High (CT) - Brown is a hard-nosed rebounder. Football build, but flexible player. Slender build and quick hands. Quick motor and decent handles. Doesn’t turn the ball over; big hands can grasp the ball under pressure. Excellent footwork. Driver/slicer type of shooter, but can also shoot the mid-range with a high degree of accuracy.

Jameer Jean (2023)  5’10 guard, Stratford High (CT) - Jean is a lights-out 3-point shooter when hot. Spot up shooter with decent handles. Facilitator first point guard. Great help side defender.

Damian Nin (2023) 6’2 guard, Bassick High (CT)- NIn is a highly potent and athletic guard. Great speed on the break and excellent ball handler. Continues to get better at defending as well. Has consistent range from outside the perimeter.

Jeremiah Teele-Graham (2023) 6’0, Harding High (CT)- Teele-Graham is a good rebounder and defender. Quick first step. Able to find his own shot without forcing. Creative facilitator. Good decision maker and leader.

Cyr Williams (2023) 5’10 guard, Harding High (CT) - Williams is a great point guard leader and scorer. Can get his team going quickly with his scoring and aggressive style of play. Consistently high percentage shooter from the perimeter. Excellent facilitator. Steals leader for his age/grade group speaks to his ability on defense.

Gabriel Carrion (2024) 5’7 guard, Shelton High (CT) - Carrion has a quick motor, fast hands and speed. He attacks the rim and defenses. Plays good on ball defense and forces opponents’ turnovers.

Darren Fabre (2024) 6’0 guard Stratford High (CT) - Fabre is an excellent rebounder and mid-range shooter. Guards positions/areas well on defense. Continuing to develop the right way with the right attitude.

Kenneth Little V (2024) 6’2 guard, Derby High (CT) - (Do not confuse with his older brother Kenneth Little III) - Little is an aggressive scorer. Uses height and length to his advantage against mismatched opponents (slower, smaller, less agile). Shot blocker. Impacts the game positively while he’s on the floor. Huge upside potential so long as he stays focused. Runs like a gazelle. Developing into a solid point guard.

Navion Thomas (2024) 6’5 small forward, Bassick High (CT) - Thomas is a big time rebounder. Soft touch shooter. Good inside game and high potential. Just getting comfortable with his game for his size. With continued skills development, could be a highly recruited prospect in his later high school years. Right attitude