2023 WeR1 New England 17u College Prospects


WeR1 New England is the New England affiliate of the nationally recognized WeR1 Basketball program that is sponsored by Under Armour. Co-Directed by Chris Murell and Andre Sutton, WeR1 NE has immediately put its bid in as one of the top AAU programs in New England. Its 17u Head Coach is Renard Sutton, a veteran high school coach with a handful of state championships and wisdom. His 17u roster is as follows:

Wesley Rosa (2025) 7’2 center, Bridgeport Prep (CT) - Rosa is a true big man. He rebounds, and defends the rim at a high level. Very raw but still has a soft touch around the rim. He explodes up strong and like you would imagine from a kid that is 7’2, he dunks the ball with force. He will continue to develop and is one that should be on radar early before he blows up.

Anthony Nimani (2024) 6’3 guard, Berkshire School (MA) - Nimani is a coach’s dream. Although he became very popular in the state of Connecticut for his big scoring nights, his leadership is his best attribute. He is incredibly vocal and uplifts his teammates throughout the game. A coach on the floor and always takes accountability. Defensively tenacious and has a nose for 50/50 balls. Offensively he scores on all three levels. His strength and athleticism makes him dangerous down hills and you can often find him above the rim.

Thomas Glover Jr. (2024) 6’2 guard, Hillhouse High (CT) - Glover is a very skilled and athletic combo guard that plays that game at his own pace. Scores the ball at all three levels and has great elevation on his jump shots. His creative ball handling gives him the ability to break down defenders and makes him a nightmare to guard 1 on1. Defensively, Glover is very underrated, he will often request the tough assignments in critical parts of a game.

Eric Jones (2024) 6’1 guard, Hillhouse High (CT) - Jones approaches basketball games with the type of fire that coaches love and teammates can feed off of. Another 3 level scoring threat who also has the ability to make reads and get his teammates involved. At jump ball, Jones likes to take on the role of defending the opposing teams best guard. A very high level shot creator with his quick first step and deceptive ball handling. Young for his grade, he will be one to watch for the next couple of years.

Elijah Holder (2023) 6’4 small forward, Hamden High (CT) - The biggest question people ask about Elijah Holder is “What his his position?”. “He’s too small to defend the post”... but he then does! “Can he defend the perimeter and keep up with wings?”... Yes, he can! Holder is just a hooper. Coach Sutton throws him out there and he makes plays. He can shoot the ball, he’s a terror in transition, rebounds the ball well offensively, and protects the rim with the elites. Holder is glue for the team, and can be glue at the college level. He plays the game in the sky. Unsigned senior, he is open to post grad or college.

Jaydon Buckle (2024) 6’1 guard, The Master’s School (CT) - Buckle is a true 2 way threat. He has a strong build and good lateral quickness that can be very bothersome for guys on the other end trying to score. Offensively he has a smooth game and can really get hot and fill up the bucket. In his high school season he put together quite a few big time scoring clinics. We R1 NE are expecting that translates for the spring and summer.

Tre’jon Williams (2024) 6’5 forward, Hillhouse High (CT) - Williams is a two sport stud and it is very easy to guess what the other sport is. He’s an All League tight end and defensive end, and he brings that intensity to the basketball court every single time. At just 6’5, Tre’jon has found ways to stop giants on the opposing team from doing what they normally do. His teammates call him “Dennis Rodman”. He’s going to sacrifice everything to make plays for his team to win. Rebounds, loose balls, catching lobs, whatever it takes.

Dylan Resendes (2024) 5’11 guard, The Master’s School (CT) - Resendes plays the game with pure accuracy. His passes are accurate, his 3 point shooting is accurate, his midrange shooting is accurate. Resendes can play system basketball, and he has adjusted quickly to the run-n-gun style of play as well. He is a guard that you don’t have to coach too much when he has the ball in his hands, something good is going to happen. His deadliness shooting the ball gets him opportunities to make plays for his teammates due to heavy close outs. 3.8 gpa

Stewart Matafu (2024) 6’3 guard, Bridgeport Prep (CT) - We Ri NE have a great shooting team, but the way Matafu can make closely contested three point shots is actually pretty amazing to watch. He has a very high IQ and a great feel for the game. Matafu was injured during the high school season and is looking to come out the gates this spring and show everyone what he is capable of.

Jayden Williams (2024) 5’11 guard, Career MagnetHigh (CT) - Williams plays the game with a huge chip on his shoulder. He really gets after it defensively making scrappy plays, using his strength and his physical frame to slow down scorers. Offensively he is not one to be left open. He doesn’t need more than a second to look at it. He has one of the quickest triggers in the area, and more often than not, the shots fall. Williams isn’t just limited to catching and shooting, he can also create shots for himself off the bounce. 3.0 gpa