2019 NYC Mayor's Cup

By David Cordova,

Recruit the Bronx paid a visit to St. Francis College in Brooklyn to check out the action at the NYC Mayor’s Cup, which is a matchup between the best seniors in the PSAL and the CHSAA. Here are the standouts from the boys game:

Michael Green, 5-11, Point Guard, Mount St. Michael Academy - Green is a guard who is great at rebounding and getting out on the break. He has a knack for scoring, especially from long range and is a player who shoots at a high volume.

Darnell Askew, 6-4, Forward, Curtis High School - Askew looks to attack the rim when in the lane, he is very athletic and looks to go above the rim. He also possesses a lot of strength and ability on the low block.

Tommy Thomas, 6-4, Forward, Wings Academy - A player who takes advantage of all opportunities to score. Finds various ways to get the ball in the basket and can shoot from long range and attack the basket. He has plenty of explosion.

Glen Anderson, 5-9, Point Guard, Brooklyn Collegiate High School - Anderson possesses a lot of quickness and knows when to hit teammates for passes at the right moments. He also knows where and when to score.

Julian Champagnie, 6-7, Forward, Bishop Loughlin High School - Champagnie has a solid shooting stroke. He possesses good ballhandling skills and is superb at getting his shot off at the top of the key. He also shows plenty of explosion when going to the hole.

Kalique Mitchell, 6-4, Forward, McKee/Staten Island Tech High School - Mitchell is a guard who has plenty of strength and has the ability to take over a game with his scoring. He possesses a good jumper and can get to the hole at will, and lso has the ability to facilitate to his teammates.

Chris Clancy, 6-2, Shooting Guard, St. Peter’s High School - Clancy is a high volumne shooter who has a good shooting strike from long range and is able to get out on the break. He is also good at grabbing rebounds.

Jason Zielinski, 6-0, Shooting Guard, Millennium High School - This is a guard who has plenty of flashy moves and finds ways to get to the basket or find a teammate. He can break his defender down with a good crossover dribble.

Jordan Agyemang, 6-6, Forward, South Bronx Preparatory School - Agyemang displays plenty of aggression in the low post, and can also handle the ball and get rebounds. He struggles with taking care of the ball at times, but makes up for it with his motor.

Michael Graham, 6-7, Forward, Xaverian High School - Graham is a dominant forward who can play above the rim, block shots and rebound in the low post. He prides himself on being a rim protector at all times. Very aggressive on both ends of the court.

Kareem Welch, 6-1, Shooting Guard, Thomas Jefferson High School - Welch can attack the basket and makes smooth drives when attempting to get to the rack. He has a knack for shooting from long range. He also has great defensive tendencies.

Ezra Burnett, 6-3, Shooting Guard, High School for Construction - Burnett is a guard who can attack the basket and also displays plenty of other skills, such as rebounding and distributing the ball. But his main asset is scoring.

Nick Johnson, 6-4, Shooting Guard, All Hallows High School - Johnson plays hard and hustles on the court. He looks for loose balls and will crash the boards with precision. He attacks the basket relentlessly and scores.

Kadary Richmond, 6-4, Shooting Guard, South Shore High School - A big guard with a long wingspan that has plenty of versatility. He has great hands on defense andpicks pockets.

Jalen Reneau, 5-10, Point Guard, St. Raymond High School - Reneau runs his team efficiently on the floor and has good court vision. He looks to make good sense passes at all times to teammates. He has a really good outside shot from long range. Has great hands on defense.

Nathaniel Curry, 6-4 forward, Christ the King - Curry has a good shooting touch from about fifteen feet. He is an undersized power forward who is best for scoring in the paint and using his strength in the low post.

George Varmah, 6-6, Forward, Thurgood Marshall Academy - A strong forward who plays hard and is tough and around the paint. A player who uses his muscular build to get to the hole and can also attack the glass when it comes to getting rebounds. Has plenty of upper-body strength, which helps him when scoring in the low post.

Matthew Mayers, 6-8, Forward, Monsignor Scanlan High School - Mayers is a forward who shows plenty of versatility on offense. He is a big man who can put the ball on the floor and can also step out and shoot from long range. He often shows his athleticism at the rim.

Justin Hendrick, 6-2, Point Guard, St. Francis Preparatory School - Hendrick is a good defender. He struggles with being able to create his own shot, but finds ways to facilitate by finding his teammates in open spots.

Josiah Chandler, 5-11, Point Guard, La Salle Academy - A guard who shows ability to distribute the ball to teammates, but sometimes struggles with turning the ball over. He makes attempts to get to the basket and also shoots at a high volume.

Ryan Alkins, 6-5, Forward, Flushing High School - Alkins is a forward who goes up for rebounds efficiently and is not afraid of physical contact in the low post. He makes great moves around the paint and is a good defender.