2023-24 All Western New England Prep Teams


At the conclusion of the 2023-24 season, the head coaches of eight Western New England NEPSAC prep schools polled themselves and the determined their outstanding players for the season, as shown below. These honors are prestigious in that the schools are all high academic institutions and their rosters are all teeming with college-bound players.

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                        Most Valuable Player

Andreo Ash (2025) Canterbury School (CT)


                        First Team


Shane Cercone (2024) Canterbury School (CT)

Preston Edmead (2025) Williston Northampton School (MA)

Amadou Fall (2025) Millbrook School (NY)

Dylan Gage (2024) Berkshire School (MA)

Ricardo Nieves (2025) Williston Northampton School (MA)

Anthony Nimani (2024) Berkshire School (MA) (Cornell University commit)

Eze Wali (2024) Pomfret School (CT) (The Citadel commit)


                        Second Team


Bailey Coleman (2024) Salisbury School (CT) (football commit)

Nehemiah Franco (2025) Pomfret School (CT)

Raysean Johnson (2024) Canterbury School (CT) (Fairleigh Dickinson University commit)

Ore Odutayo (2025) Williston Northampton School (MA)

Santana Sinvilcin (2024) Frederick Gunn School (CT)

Zoumana Traore (2025) Millbrook School (NY)

Chris Torres (2024) Millbrook School (NY)


                        Third Team


Matt Defalco (2024) Salisbury School (CT)

David Dix (2025) Canterbury School (CT)

Chase Garcia (2025) Millbrook School (NY)

Christian Jeffers (2024) Canterbury School (CT)

Omar Robinson (2026) Pomfret School (CT)

Nehemiah Turner (2024) Williston Northampton School (MA)

Mason Wright (2024) Suffield Academy (CT)


                        Honorable Mention


Arinze Achufusi (2024) Berkshire School (MA)

Max Alberts (2024) Berkshire School (MA) (Middlebury College commit)

Liam Dagostino (2025) Canterbury School (CT)

Isaac Friedman (2024) Millbrook School (NY) (Tufts University commit)

Jack Guevara (2024) Frederick Gunn School (CT)

Jaylen Johnson (2025) Canterbury School (CT)

Omar Kulenovic (2024) Berkshire School (MA) (Hamilton College commit)

Cooper Marcum (2024) Suffield Academy (CT) (Bentley College football commit)

RJ Neysmith (2024) Frederick Gunn School (CT)

Mark Ostad (2024) Millbrook School (NY) (George Washington University commit)

Jared Strand (2026) Canterbury School (CT)

Darian Thomson (2024) Suffield Academy (CT)


                        Head Coaches

Berkshire School (MA) head coach Jeff Depelteau

Canterbury School (CT) head coach Brian Fruscio

Frederick Gunn School (CT) head coach Brian Konik

Millbrook School (NY) head coach Billy Thom

Pomfret School (CT) head coach Ronnie Turner    

Salisbury School (CT)  head coach Kyle Dudley/Bryce Daley  

Suffield Academy (CT) head coach Drew Gamere

Williston Northampton School (MA) head coach Ben Farmer