2024 Select Hoops 17u Player Profiles


Select Hoops is a new and up and coming grassroots program located in Queens with players being from all across the five boroughs and upstate. Their players are being recruited by multiple D3 and D2 schools.The program is founded by Kew Forest School Boys Varsity Coach, Noah Griffith. The goal is to create an atmosphere of growth, competitiveness, accountability, and structure for all of their student-athletes. Griffith also coaches the 17u team. The teams will be competing this spring and summer in the ZGXL circuit, Hoop Group and Zero Gravity tournaments.


                              2024 Select Hoops 17u roster:


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Mahir Ahmed (2024) 6’3 guard, Queens Complex - Ahmed is a three level scorer that has the length and versatility to guard 1-4. Ahmed has also developed into a marksman sniper along the perimeter.  Ahmed moves incredibly well without the ball in his hands, which gives him opportunities in catch and shoot situations, or coming off screens. He has transitioned into a combo guard with the ability to handle the ball. He can get his team into sets, or push the ball in transition and finding teammates. Ahmed runs the floor exceptionally well as teammates find him in the open court. He also has the ability to stretch the floor. He has D3 and some D2 interest, with his high GPA and skill he is a great piece for a high academic college program. 3.8 gpa


Damian Martinez (2024) 5’10 point guard, Spring Creek Community School - Martinez is dynamic and plays with poise on and off the ball. He has a tight handle, which he uses to get by his defender and make plays in the lane. He has a great first step that gets him into the lane with ease. Martinez is known for his exceptional ability to find his teammates with precision. He possesses a unique talent for facilitating the game, seamlessly dictating pace whether that is pushing the ball or slowing down the pace as the situation demands. He is proficient in driving to the rim and is remarkable in his ability to score consistently. Martinez also boasts an excellent mid-range game, making him a versatile offensive threat. Beyond his offensive prowess as a scorer and as a facilitator, he’s a tenacious defender. 3.1 gpa

Miles Manica (2024/Post Grad) 5’10 guard, North Florida Prep - Manica is an uptempo, college-ready point guard that can facilitate at a high level. He has an efficient midrange game that can extend to the 3pt line. He holds D3 and D1 Juco offers. 3.6 gpa

Marcus Garcia (2024) 5’10 guard, Queens Technical High - Garcia is a quintessential combo guard. He has an innate ability to get to the rim and he draws contact. He also has a smooth mid range jumper with such a high release point that makes it impossible to guard without fouling. He makes the right reads off of drives, half court sets, or in transition. Garcia also moves efficiently without the ball and has become a scoring factor in those situations. He is a guard that plays with poise and competes at a high level on both ends of the court. He leads by example and also effectively communicates with his teammates. 3.5 gpa

Milos Vasic (2027) 6’8 small forward, Hotchkiss School (CT) -  Vasic is a tremendous prospe that has added a silky smooth jumper to his long frame and wingspan. He has developed into a consistent shooter, and runs the floor well in transition. On the defensive end, he uses his length to stand out with his shot-altering capabilities, making it difficult for opponents to score in the paint or on the perimeter. 4.0 gpa

Sonny Batchelor (2027) 6’5 wing, Westminster School (CT) - Batchelor, a new an exciting addition to Select Hoops. He is a lengthy, athletic guard with a strong interior presence and good perimeter game. A tenacious on-ball defender who likes to get out and run/help his teammates find scoring opportunities. 4.0 gpa

Mateusz Łodziato (2024) 6’2 guard, Van Ardsdale High - Lodziato has grown immensely with the program over the past few years. He has the ability to score the ball in a variety of ways and is a quality “3 & D” two way athlete. Lodziato plays with good footwork in the post and finishes nicely in the paint. He also uses his handle to get into the lane and makes good decisions with the ball in his hands. He is a pest as a defender in the perimeter and along the post which makes him incredibly versatile cover. 4.0 gpa

Antoine Vandewiele (2025) 6’10 center, Dwight School -  Vandewiele excels due to his exceptional rebounding ability, commanding presence in the paint, and proficient shot-blocking skills. His height and strength make him a formidable opponent under the basket, both offensively and defensively. 3.7 gpa

Olaf Gorski (2024) 6’11 center, Harvey School - Gorski is a versatile player, doing well both offensively and defensively on the basketball court. His solid offensive IQ helps him score and facilitate from the post. Additionally, he’s a tenacious defender, known for his ability to disrupt opponents’ plays and force turnovers. He contributes significantly to his team’s success. 3.7 gpa

Edward Rollins (2024) 5’11 guard, Queens Complex - Rollins is the heart and soul of the Select Hoops program. He is also one of two program captains. He plays with such passion and energy. It translates into his play, to his teammates, and throughout the entire program. He does all the small intangible things that do not show up on a score sheet. He is an incredible teammate, a proven winner, and a culture builder. 3.8 gpa


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